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Alfred Wilcox Collection

Alfred Wilcox Collection
Author or RecipientDateFolder
Personal: Copy of Baptismal CertificateArguello, Concepcion17911
Correspondence from: Arguello, Lola [i.ep; Dolores]Arguello, Carmen19252
Land: Deed to Arguello, DoloresArguello, Francisco18883
Confirmation of DeedArguello, Francisco18884
Legal: Cancellation of DebtArguello, Santiago18495
Land: Deed to Arguello, FranciscoArguello, Gertrudes and Dolores; Couts, Refugio18906
Land: Certificate of TitleArguello, Pilar Ortega18897
Personal: "Estate of Don Santiago Arguello, Deceased"Arguello, Santiago18778
Land: Quitclaim Deed to Arguello, SantiagoAguirre, Jose Antonia, et al18509
Legal: Assignment of InterestEstudillo, Francesca186910
Personal: Materials relating to Arguello FamiliesArguello FamilyNo Date11
Correspondence to: Ames, Samuel A.Birmingham, J.187812
Correspondence to: Finlay, A.J.Birmingham, J.187713
Correspondence to: Murray, R.Birmingham, J.188214
Land: Deed from Wilcox, Alfred HenryBlanchard, Samuel H.No Date15
Correspondence to: Dodge, W.Booth, Senator Newton187716
Legal: Articles of ApprenticeshipBowen, Lucretia177117
Land: Deed from Wilcox, Maria A[ntonia Arguello]Couts, Refugio A.; Arguello, Francisco, Dolores and Gertrudes188818
Correspondence to: [Wilcox, Frances Amelia] (Fannie) [Drake]Patrick, Mary S.189319
Correspondence from: Wilcox, Alfred HenryDwinelle, John W.186920
Correspondence from: Blanchard, S.A.Faivre, [Joseph]188021
Correspondence from: Birmingham, J.Hartshorne, B.M.1878-8122-23
Correspondence from: Wilcox, Alfred Henry (Telegram)Jeffries, Edw.187824
Correspondence from: Birmingham, J.Longstreet, C[ornelius] Tyler1886-8725
Accounts and Receipts: Letter regarding payment of Hills Brothers AccountLongstreet, C[ornelius] Tyler189526
Accounts and Receipts: Receipts and cancelled checksLongstreet, C[ornelius] TylerNo Date27
Correspondence from: Birmingham, J.Longstreet, [Maria Antonia Wilcox]1886-9528
Correspondence from: Couts, Refugio A.Longstreet, [Maria Antonia Wilcox]No Date29
Correspondence from: Drake, Frances [Amelia] [Wilcox]Longstreet, [Maria Antonia Wilcox]189330
Land: Abstract of Title, Lot 10, Ord's Survey, Los AngelesLongstreet, C. Tyler188331
Correspondence to: Elliot, J.M.Longstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]1894-9532
Correspondence to: Marthen, M[ary] W.Longstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]1878-8033
Correspondence to: Spence, E.F.Longstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]188634
Correspondence to: Talbot, W.W.Longstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]188735
Correspondence to: Wilcox, Alfred Henry, IILongstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]192636
Correspondence to: Miscellaneous Business CorrespondenceLongstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]1894-9537
Personal: Calling Cards and other personal ephemeraLongstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]No Date38
Accounts and Receipts: City Tax ReceiptLongstreet, M[aria Antonia] W[ilcox]189539
Legal Papers: Inventory of EstateMarthen, Mary W.No Date40
Land: Deed from Evarts, AaronStevens, Huldah177941
Correspondence from: Bemis, Charles C.Talbot, William T.189343
Correspondence from: Elliott, J.M.Talbot, William T.1892-9344
Correspondence from: Fintzelberg,Talbot, William T.189345
Correspondence to: Allen, R.H.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1850-5246
Correspondence to: Arguello, Santiago E.Wilcox, Alfred Henry185447
Correspondence to: Birmingham, J.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1877-8248-62
Correspondence to: Blake, JamesWilcox, Alfred Henry18??63
Correspondence to: Bowers, W.W.Wilcox, Alfred Henry187764
Correspondence to: Chase, LeviWilcox, Alfred Henry188265
Correspondence to: Cheney, G.A.Wilcox, Alfred Henry187766
Correspondence to: Couts, Y[sidora] B[andini] deWilcox, Alfred Henry187967
Correspondence to: Crary, O.B.Wilcox, Alfred Henry187868
Correspondence to: Dana, Thesta (also written to Clarke, James G.Wilcox, Alfred Henry187469
Correspondence to: Derby, George H. "Instructions to Captain Wilcox"Wilcox, Alfred Henry185270
Correspondence to: Drake, Francesca Ameloa (Fanny Wilcox)Wilcox, Alfred Henry185171
Correspondence to: Divinelle, John W.Wilcox, Alfred Henry186972
Correspondence to: Fairchild, J.A.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1880-8373-82
Correspondence to: Faivre, JosephWilcox, Alfred Henry1878-8383-89
Correspondence to: Gildersteen, H.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1880-8190
Correspondence to: Hall and CompanyWilcox, Alfred HenryNo Date91
Correspondence to: Hartshorne, B.H.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1854-8292-93
Correspondence to: Hatch, C.E.Wilcox, Alfred Henry186994
Correspondence to: Hayes, BenjaminWilcox, Alfred Henry187795
Correspondence to: Hollenbeck, J.E.Wilcox, Alfred Henry187896
Correspondence to: Hubbard, Samuel C.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1868-7897
Correspondence to: Jeffries, Edw.Wilcox, Alfred Henry187898
Correspondence to: Johns, Thomas D.Wilcox, Alfred Henry185099
Correspondence to: Johnson, George M.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878-83100
Correspondence to: Johnston, Albert J.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878101
Correspondence to: Le Sack, Mary J.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878102
Correspondence to: [Longstreet, Maria Antonia](Mamie) WilcoxWilcox, Alfred Henry1878-81103
Correspondence to: Manning ThomasWilcox, Alfred Henry1878104
Correspondence to: Marthen, James B.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878-83105-106
Correspondence to: Pease, Aaron G.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1880-81107
Correspondence to: Rosentirn, JuliusWilcox, Alfred Henry1880108
Correspondence to: Scott, ChalmersWilcox, Alfred Henry1882109
Correspondence to: Spence, E.F.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1875-83110
Correspondence to: Stover, JamesWilcox, Alfred Henry1881111
Correspondence to: Stewart, W.W.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1881-82112
Correspondence to: Stover, SamuelWilcox, Alfred Henry1880113
Correspondence to: Truman, Ben C.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878114
Correspondence to: Ubach, Antonio D.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1882115
Correspondence to: Watermace, R.N.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878116
Correspondence to: Wilcox, Gertrudeo TulitoWilcox, Alfred Henry1881117
Correspondence to: Williston, E.B.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1881118
Correspondence to: Winder, W.A.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1878-83119
Correspondence to: Winter, S.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1882120
Correspondence to: Miscellaneous Correspondence regarding Wilcox PropertyWilcox, Alfred Henry1877-82121
Personal: BookplatesWilcox, Alfred HenryNo Date130
Personal: List of BooksWilcox, Alfred HenryNo Date131
Personal: Letters to Alfred Henry WilcoxWilcox, Alfred Henry1877-83132
Personal: Letters of IntroductionWilcox, Alfred Henry1862-80133
Personal: The Yachting CircularWilcox, Alfred Henry1877134
Personal: Yacht Club InvitationsWilcox, Alfred Henry1878-83135
Personal: Property ListWilcox, Alfred Henry1876136
Personal: Documents relating to A.H. Wilcox InternmentWilcox, Alfred Henry1884-85137
Personal: Memorandum of the Estate of A.H. WilcoxWilcox, Alfred Henry1885138
Business: Documents pertaining to sheep businessWilcox, Alfred Henry1865-69139
Business: List of Stockholders: California Powder WorksWilcox, Alfred Henry1869140
Business: Financial Statement: Commercial Bank of San DiegoWilcox, Alfred Henry1875141
Business: Certificates of InspectionWilcox, Alfred Henry1875-76142
Business: Newspaper ClippingWilcox, Alfred Henry1880143
Business: Notice of Assessment on Wilcox StockWilcox, Alfred Henry1881-82144
Land: Draft of newspaper notice regarding Arguello PropertyWilcox, Alfred HenryNo Date145
Legal Papers: Grant of Power of Attorney to Hubbard, S.C.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1861146
Legal Papers: Grant of Power of Attorney to Spence, E.F.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1883147
Legal Papers: Index to Accounts and Other BooksWilcox, Alfred HenryNo Date148
Accounts and Receipts: Receipts and Cancelled ChecksWilcox, Alfred Henry1873-83149
Accounts and Receipts: Balance SheetsWilcox, Alfred Henry1880150-151
Accounts and Receipts: Statement of Account: Birmingham, J.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1877152
Accounts and Receipts: Statement of Account: Fairchild, J.A.Wilcox, Alfred Henry1880-81153-154
Accounts and Receipts: Statement of Account: Faivre, JosephWilcox, Alfred Henry1880155
Accounts and Receipts: State and County Tax ReceiptsWilcox, Alfred Henry1869-72156
Accounts and Receipts: Receipts regarding Steamer CuymacaWilcox, Alfred Henry1874157
Miscellaneous: Map and Mission ClaimWilcox, Alfred HenryNo Date158
Correspondence to: Elliott, J.M.Wilcox, Maria Antonia Arguello1883159
Correspondence to: Ubach, Antonio O.Wilcox, Maria Antonia Arguello1883160
Correspondence to: Willey, H.I.Wilcox, Maria Antonia Arguello1883161
Legal: Last Will and TestamentWilcox, Maria Antonia Arguello1905162
Personal: Death AnnouncementWilcox, Maria Antonia Arguello1909163
Accounts and Receipts: To Maria Antonia Arguello WilcoxWilcox, Maria Antonia Arguello1906164
Articles of IncorporationWilcox Realty Company1902165
Correspondence to: Fintzelberg and SteinmetzWilcox Realty Company1938166
Correspondence to: Shainwald, Buckbee, and CompanyWilcox Realty Company1900-06167-168
Land: Letters and Documents regarding Pico, Hill PropertyWilcox Realty CompanyNo Date169
Land: Certificate of Title: Pico and HillWilcox Realty Company1906170
Quitclaim Deed: Paton, GeorgeWilcox Realty Company1900171
Quitclaim Deed: Delaney, EllenWilcox Realty Company1900172
Deed: Wilcox, Maria Antonia ArguelloWilcox Realty Company1900173-174
Deed: Wilcox Realty CompanyWilcox Realty Company1902175-176
Agreement: Hartshorne, R., Trask, J.H., and Ward, M.W.Wilcox Realty Company1902177
Deed: Wilcox Realty CompanyWilcox Realty Company1902178
Deed: Longstreet, Maria Antonia WilcoxWilcox Realty Company1891179
Deed and Party Wall Agreement: Lang, Rosini, et alWilcox Realty Company1901180
Agreements: California ClubWilcox Realty Company1895-1903181
Agreements: Party Wall Agreement: Lang, Rosini, et alWilcox Realty Company1901182-183
Agreements: Property Agreement: 2nd and Spring, Los AngelesWilcox Realty Company1895184
Accounts and Receipts: O'Melveny, H.W.--StatementWilcox Realty Company1902185
Land: Deed from Ward, JohnWillcock, John1724186
Legal Papers: Bond from: Jessup, BothiahWillcock, John1738187
Legal Papers: Bond to: Mackie, JohnWillcock, John1738188
Correspondence from: UnknownWilliams, John187?189
Wilcox Collection: 2 photographsNo Date190
Index to Wilcox Collection Letter BookNo Date191
Wilcox Collection Letter BookNo Date192