Citrus Crate Label Collection

The Citrus Crate Label Collection consists of more than 300 bright and colorful citrus crate labels that were used by various California citrus growers. They represent locations in both Central and Southern California. These labels were used to identify and advertise the wooden crates of various fruits, such as grapefruit, lemons, and oranges, that were shipped throughout the United States.

Number Location Company Brand Fruit Image
1AnaheimBorden Fruit Co.Barony BrandOranges View
2ArlingtonGavilan Citrus AssociationTruth BrandOranges View
3Bryn MawrBryn Mawr Fruit Growers AssociationRedlands ChoiceOranges View
4CarpinteriaCarpinteria Mutual Citrus AssociationAliso BrandLemons View
5CarpinteriaCarpinteria Mutual Citrus AssociationMariner Brand View
6CarpinteriaCarpinteria Mutual Citrus AssociationOcean View BrandLemons View
7CarpinteriaCarpinteria Mutual Citrus AssociationSea Bird BrandLemons View
8CarpinteriaCarpinteria Mutual Citrus AssociationSea Light Brand View
9Chula VistaChula Vista Mutual Lemon AssociationGilt-edgeLemons View
10ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationAthleteLemons View
11ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationAthleteOranges View
12ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationCampus BrandLemons View
13ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationCo-ed Brand View
14ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationCollege HeightsLemons View
15ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationCollegiate BrandGrapefruit View
16ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationCollegiate BrandOranges View
17ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationEl Primo BrandLemons View
18ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationValley View Brand View
19ClaremontCollege Heights Orange & Lemon AssociationValley View BrandLemons View
20CoronaCall RanchCaluma View
21CoronaCall RanchLaurel BrandOranges View
22CoronaCall RanchCorona Lily Brand View
23CoronaCall RanchPrincess BrandLemons View
24CoronaCall RanchRed MountainOranges View
25CoronaCorona Citrus AssociationSunset BrandLemons View
26CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyCorona Beauty BrandLemons View
27CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyCorona Beauty BrandLemons View
28CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyGlen RanchLemons View
29CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyKiltie BrandGrapefruit View
30CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyKiltie BrandLemons View
31CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyMaduro BrandLemons View
32CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyPride of Corona LemonsLemons View
33CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyPride of Corona LemonsLemons View
34CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyProgressive BrandLemons View
35CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyTartan BrandGrapefruit View
36CoronaCorona Foothill Lemon CompanyTartan BrandLemons View
37CoronaJameson CompanyOranges View
38CoronaOrange Heights Orange AssociationCorona Crown Brand View
39CoronaOrange Heights Orange AssociationFlavor Brand View
40CoronaOrange Heights Orange AssociationHomer BrandOranges View
41CoronaOrange Heights Orange AssociationHomer BrandOranges View
42CoronaR.H. Verity, Sons & Co.Ambassador BrandOranges View
43CoronaR.H. Verity, Sons & Co.Consul BrandOranges View
44CoronaR.H. Verity, Sons & Co.Diplomat BrandLemons View
45CoronaR.H. Verity, Sons & Co.Envoy Brand View
46CoronaR.H. Verity, Sons & Co.Maverick Brand View
47CoronaR.H. Verity, Sons & Co.PassportLemons View
48CovinaCovina Orange Growers AssociationDaisy BrandOranges View
49CovinaCovina Orange Growers AssociationGladiola BrandOranges View
50CovinaCovina Orange Growers AssociationOrchard King BrandOranges View
51CovinaCovina Orange Growers AssociationPreferredOranges View
52East HighlandsEast Highland Citrus AssociationDouble A BrandOranges View
53East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationBelt BrandOranges View
54East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationCarro Amano AranciOranges View
55East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationGold BuckleOranges View
56East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationGreenspot BrandOranges View
57East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationLagoon BrandOranges View
58East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationLochinvar Brand View
59East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationPine Cone BrandOranges View
60East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationPolo Brand View
61East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationSilver BuckleOranges View
62East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationSun BrandOranges View
63East HighlandsGold Buckle AssociationUnicorn Brand View
64El CajonEl Cajon Valley Citrus AssociationReindeer Brand View
65EtiwandaEtiwanda Citrus Fruit AssociationSpray BrandLemons View
66EtiwandaEtiwanda Citrus Fruit AssociationSpray BrandOranges View
67ExeterExeter Orange Growers AssociationExeterOranges View
68ExeterExeter Orange Growers AssociationHeart of California BrandOranges View
69ExeterExeter Orange Growers AssociationStar of California Brand View
70ExeterExeter Orchards Association, Inc.Star Dust BrandOranges View
71ExeterRocky Hill CorporationRocky Hill BrandOranges View
72FallbrookFallbrook Citrus AssociationFallbrook BrandLemons View
73FallbrookFallbrook Citrus AssociationLofty BrandLemons View
74FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationAirline Brand View
75FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationCycle Brand View
76FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationGlider BrandOranges View
77FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationGondolier Brand View
78FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationLegal TenderOranges View
79FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationOriole BrandOranges View
80FillmoreFillmore Citrus AssociationPoinsettia BrandOranges View
81FillmoreFillmore Lemon AssociationAll Year BrandLemons View
82FillmoreFillmore Lemon AssociationSelva Brand View
83FillmoreFillmore Lemon AssociationSespe BrandLemons View
84FillmoreVentura County Citrus AssociationFillmore Crest BrandOranges View
85FillmoreVentura County Citrus AssociationLoot of Ventura County BrandOranges View
86FillmoreVentura County Citrus AssociationRebel Brand View
87FullertonEadington Fruit Co.Premium Brand View
88FullertonW.A. Snyder & Sons Co.Hi-Tone BrandOranges View
89FullertonW.A. Snyder & Sons Co.Hi-Tone Brand View
90GoletaGoleta Lemon AssociationArboleda BrandLemons View
91GoletaGoleta Lemon AssociationChannel BrandLemons View
92GoletaGoleta Lemon AssociationEstero BrandLemons View
93GoletaGoleta Lemon AssociationGoleta BrandLemons View
94GoletaGoleta Lemon AssociationGoleta BrandLemons View
95GoletaGoleta Lemon AssociationSchooner BrandLemons View
96IrvineIrvine Valencia GrowersMadras BrandOranges View
97IrvineIrvine Valencia GrowersSatin BrandOranges View
98IrvineIrvine Valencia GrowersSerge BrandOranges View
99IrvineIrvine Valencia GrowersVelvet BrandOranges View
100IvanhoeKlink Citrus AssociationExclusive BrandLemons View
101IvanhoeKlink Citrus AssociationLemonade BrandLemons View
102IvanhoeKlink Citrus AssociationPerfection BrandLemons View
103IvanhoeKlink Citrus AssociationPride of Venice CoveOranges View
104IvanhoeKlink Citrus AssociationSplendid BrandLemons View
105La HabraIndex Mutual AssociationIndex Brand View
106La HabraIndex Mutual AssociationIndex Orchid Brand View
107La HabraIndex Mutual AssociationIndex Supreme BrandLemons View
108Lemon CoveLemon Cove AssociationBasket BrandLemons View
109Lemon CoveLemon Cove AssociationGateway Brand View
110Lemon CoveLemon Cove AssociationGolden StateLemons View
111Lemon CoveLemon Cove AssociationKaweah Maid BrandLemons View
112Lemon CoveSequoia Citrus AssociationHave One BrandOranges View
113Lemon CoveSequoia Citrus AssociationTree Top BrandOranges View
114Lemon CoveW. & M. MarksAk-Sar-Ben BrandOranges View
115Lemon CoveW. & M. MarksBrownies BrandOranges View
116Lemon CoveW. & M. MarksGolden Gate BrandOranges View
117LindsayAnderson Packing CompanyCal-Flavor BrandOranges View
118LindsayAnderson Packing CompanyT E A Brand View
119LindsayR.M. AndersonAnderson.s BrandOranges View
120LindsayR.M. AndersonEat-OneOranges View
121Los AngelesAmerican Fruit Growers, Inc.Blue Goose View
122Los AngelesAmerican Fruit Growers, Inc.Mustang View
123Los AngelesAmerican Fruit Growers, Inc.Riverside Blue Goose View
124Los AngelesCalifornia Fruit Growers ExchangeRed Ball CalifornianLemons View
125Los AngelesCalifornia Fruit Growers ExchangeRed Ball CalifornianOranges View
126Los AngelesCalifornia Fruit Growers ExchangeSunkist CalifornianGrapefruit View
127Los AngelesCalifornia Fruit Growers ExchangeSunkist CalifornianLemons View
128Los AngelesColloidal InstituteHealth Certified View
129Los AngelesPacific Coast Fruit Distributors, Inc.Pacoast BrandOranges View
130Los AngelesSnoboy, Inc.SnoboyOranges View
131MeccaBob MaagBob.s Brand View
132Orange CoveOrange Cove Orange GrowersCitrus Cove BrandOranges View
133Orange CoveOrange Cove Orange GrowersGrand Entry BrandOranges View
134Orange CoveOrange Cove Orange GrowersGreat Valley Brand View
135Orange CoveOrange Cove Orange GrowersSun Prince Brand View
136Orange CoveZaninovich Bros., Inc.Metropolitan BrandOranges View
137Orange CoveZaninovich Bros., Inc.Oh-Cee BrandLemons View
138Orange CoveZaninovich Bros., Inc.Orange Circle BrandOranges View
139OrosiOrosi Foothill Citrus AssociationFido Brand View
140OrosiOrosi Foothill Citrus AssociationOrosi BrandOranges View
141OrosiOrosi Foothill Citrus AssociationTom Cat BrandLemons View
142OxnardOxnard Citrus AssociationBesgrade BrandLemons View
143OxnardOxnard Citrus AssociationOxnard BrandLemons View
144OxnardOxnard Citrus AssociationSanta Rosa BrandLemons View
145OxnardSeaboard Lemon AssociationGalleon BrandLemons View
146OxnardSeaboard Lemon AssociationSea CuredLemons View
147OxnardSomis Lemon AssociationSea Groves BrandLemons View
148PlacentiaBradford Bros., Inc.Green Mill BrandOranges View
149PlacentiaBradford Bros., Inc.Miracle BrandOranges View
150PlacentiaBradford Bros., Inc.Pala Brave BrandOranges View
151PlacentiaBradford Bros., Inc.Sun Tag BrandOranges View
152PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationAltissimoOranges View
153PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationCaledonia BrandGrapefruit View
154PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationCaledonia BrandOranges View
155PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationMarvel BrandLemons View
156PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationMarvel BrandOranges View
157PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationShamrock BrandLemons View
158PlacentiaPlacentia Mutual Orange AssociationShamrock BrandOranges View
159PlacentiaYorba Orange Growers AssociationEsperanza BrandOranges View
160PlacentiaYorba Orange Growers AssociationKing David BrandOranges View
161PlacentiaYorba Orange Growers AssociationMarc Antony BrandOranges View
162PlacentiaYorba Orange Growers AssociationQueen Esther Brand View
163PlacentiaYorba Orange Growers AssociationRebecca Brand View
164PomonaW.A. Snyder & Sons Co.Snyder.s Select California Citrus FruitOranges View
165PomonaW.A. Snyder & Sons Co.Snyder.s Winner California Citrus FruitOranges View
166PortervilleMagnolia Citrus AssociationMagnolia BrandOranges View
167PortervilleMagnolia Citrus AssociationMalta BrandOranges View
168PortervilleMagnolia Citrus AssociationMemory BrandOranges View
169PortervilleMagnolia Citrus AssociationRoyal Feast BrandOranges View
170PortervillePlano Packing House CompanyPonca BrandOranges View
171PortervillePlano Packing House CompanyRed Bird Brand View
172PortervilleSunland Packing House CompanyDominant BrandOranges View
173PortervilleSunland Packing House CompanyFeature BrandOranges View
174PortervilleSunland Packing House CompanyGood Cheer BrandOranges View
175PortervilleSunland Packing House CompanyS L BrandOranges View
176PortervilleSunland Packing House CompanySun Garden BrandOranges View
177PortervilleSunland Packing House CompanySunland StandardsOranges View
178PortervilleTulare County Lemon & Grapefruit AssociationEncore BrandLemons View
179PortervilleTulare County Lemon & Grapefruit AssociationHousehold BrandLemons View
180PortervilleTulare County Lemon & Grapefruit AssociationMorning Cheer BrandLemons View
181PortervilleTulare County Lemon & Grapefruit AssociationMorning Smile BrandLemons View
182PortervilleTulare County Lemon & Grapefruit AssociationVesper BrandLemons View
183PortervilleVandalia Packing AssociationPonca BrandOranges View
184PortervilleVandalia Packing AssociationRed Bird Brand View
185PortervilleVandalia Packing AssociationVandalia BrandOranges View
186PortlandDuthie and Co.Tom.s Best BrandGrapefruit View
187RedlandsBryn Mawr Fruit Growers AssociationRedlands BestOranges View
188RedlandsMutual Orange DistributorsPar Gold Brand View
189RedlandsMutual Orange DistributorsPure Gold View
190RedlandsMutual Orange DistributorsPure Gold View
191RedlandsRedlands Co-Operative Fruit AssociationGolden CircleOranges View
192RedlandsRedlands Co-Operative Fruit AssociationJucifulOranges View
193RedlandsRedlands Co-Operative Fruit AssociationRoyal KnightOranges View
194RedlandsRedlands Co-Operative Fruit AssociationSunny HeightsOranges View
195RedlandsRedlands Foothill GrovesDesert Bloom BrandGrapefruit View
196RedlandsRedlands Foothill GrovesRedlands Foothill BrandOranges View
197RedlandsRedlands Foothill GrovesSunny Cove BrandOranges View
198RedlandsRedlands Foothill GrovesSunny Cove BrandOranges View
199RedlandsRedlands Orangedale AssociationCarefree Brand View
200RedlandsRedlands Orangedale AssociationFull o. JuiceOranges View
201RedlandsRedlands Orangedale AssociationRedlands DahliaOranges View
202RedlandsRedlands Orangedale AssociationRubaiyat Brand View
203RedlandsRedlands Orangedale AssociationTalisman BrandOranges View
204RialtoRialto Orange CompanyFancia Brand View
205RialtoRialto Orange CompanyGolden Rod BrandOranges View
206RialtoRialto Orange CompanyLa Reina View
207RialtoRialto Orange CompanyRedskin BrandOranges View
208RialtoRialto Orange CompanySunflower BrandOranges View
209RialtoRialto Orange CompanySunflower BrandOranges View
210RiversideArlington Heights Citrus CompanyRiverside Superfine BrandOranges View
211RiversideArlington Heights Citrus CompanySuperfine BrandLemons View
212RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Crest BrandGrapefruit View
213RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Crest BrandGrapefruit View
214RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Crest BrandLemons View
215RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Crest BrandOranges View
216RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Crest BrandOranges View
217RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Early BrandOranges View
218RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Sweet BrandOranges View
219RiversideEvans Bros. Packing CompanyCal-Sweet BrandOranges View
220RiversideMcDermont Fruit CompanyBlue CircleOranges View
221RiversideMcDermont Fruit CompanyGreen CircleOranges View
222RiversideMcDermont Fruit CompanyRain CrossOranges View
223RiversideMcDermont Fruit CompanyRed CircleOranges View
224RiversideMonte Vista Citrus AssociationMonte Vista BrandOranges View
225RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationAvenue Brand View
226RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationIdyllwildOranges View
227RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationLincoln BrandOranges View
228RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationLincoln BrandOranges View
229RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationLincoln BrandOranges View
230RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationNavajo BrandOranges View
231RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationSymbol BrandOranges View
232RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationVictoria BrandLemons View
233RiversideVictoria Avenue Citrus AssociationVictoria BrandOranges View
234San BuenaventuraGeo. C. Power Lemon RanchTransit BrandLemons View
235San DimasSan Dimas Lemon AssociationPet BrandLemons View
236San FernandoSan Fernando Heights Lemon AssociationEvening Star View
237San FernandoSan Fernando Heights Lemon AssociationMeteor BrandLemons View
238San FernandoSan Fernando Heights Lemon AssociationMorning SunLemons View
239San FernandoSan Fernando Heights Lemon AssociationRamona Memories View
240San FernandoSan Fernando Heights Lemon AssociationSilver MoonLemons View
241San FernandoSan Fernando Heights Lemon AssociationSouthern Cross View
242San FranciscoL.P. Ginsburg & Company, Inc.Bolero Brand View
243San FranciscoLogin CorporationRed Bolero Brand View
244Santa PaulaBriggs Lemon AssociationHardy BrandLemons View
245Santa PaulaBriggs Lemon AssociationKeeper BrandLemons View
246Santa PaulaBriggs Lemon AssociationRegent BrandLemons View
247Santa PaulaLimoneira CompanyPaula Brand View
248Santa PaulaLimoneira CompanySanta BrandLemons View
249Santa PaulaMupu Citrus AssociationBargain BrandOranges View
250Santa PaulaMupu Citrus AssociationExceptional BrandOranges View
251Santa PaulaMupu Citrus AssociationMalibu BrandOranges View
252Santa PaulaMupu Citrus AssociationMariposa BrandOranges View
253Santa PaulaMupu Citrus AssociationSouth Mountain BrandOranges View
254Santa PaulaMupu Citrus AssociationTa-Che BrandOranges View
255Santa PaulaSanta Paula Citrus Fruit AssociationEl Merito BrandLemons View
256Santa PaulaSanta Paula Citrus Fruit AssociationExcellent BrandLemons View
257Santa PaulaSanta Paula Citrus Fruit AssociationSuperba BrandLemons View
258Santa PaulaSanta Paula Citrus Fruit AssociationWave BrandLemons View
259Santa PaulaSanta Paula Orange AssociationDash BrandOranges View
260Santa PaulaSanta Paula Orange AssociationNimble BrandOranges View
261Santa SusanaTapo Citrus AssociationNative Daughter BrandOranges View
262Santa SusanaTapo Citrus AssociationSenorita BrandOranges View
263SaticoyCulbertson Lemon AssociationGuide Brand View
264SaticoyCulbertson Lemon AssociationParade BrandLemons View
265SaticoyCulbertson Lemon AssociationSolo BrandLemons View
266SaticoyCulbertson Lemon AssociationWhiz Brand View
267StrathmoreStrathmore District Orange AssociationHiawatha Brand View
268StrathmoreStrathmore Fruit Growers AssociationHandsum BrandOranges View
269StrathmoreStrathmore Packing House CompanyAnnie Laurie Brand View
270StrathmoreStrathmore Packing House CompanyLoch LomondOranges View
271StrathmoreStrathmore Packing House CompanyScotch Lassie Jean View
272StrathmoreStrathmore Packing House CompanyStrathmoreOranges View
273SunshineSunshine Heights AssociationStar Brand View
274TustinFrances Citrus AssociationPresident BrandOranges View
275TustinFrances Citrus AssociationRed Peak BrandOranges View
276UplandUpland Lemon Growers AssociationCub BrandLemons View
277UplandUpland Lemon Growers AssociationSea Gull Brand View
278UplandW.A. Snyder & Sons Co.365 BrandOranges View
279VenturaCulbertson Investment CompanyAqua BrandLemons View
280VenturaCulbertson Investment CompanyHelena BrandLemons View
281VenturaCulbertson Investment CompanyPower BrandLemons View
282Villa ParkCentral Lemon AssociationCometLemons View
283Villa ParkCentral Lemon AssociationRadiantLemons View
284Villa ParkVilla Park Orchards Association, Inc.Bird Rocks BrandOranges View
285Villa ParkVilla Park Orchards Association, Inc.Three Arches BrandOranges View
286WoodlakeF.H. LancashireUnafine BrandOranges View
287WoodlakeF.H. LancashireUnagood BrandOranges View
288WoodlakeWoodlake Packing HouseWoodlake Gold Brand View
289AzusaAzusa, Covina, Glendora Citrus ExchangeA.C.G. BrandOranges View
290AzusaAzusa, Covina, Glendora Fruit ExchangeOKLemons View
291AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangeBlack Crusader View
292AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangeCharter OakOranges View
293AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangeEl AzarOranges View
294AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangeHunter BrandOranges View
295AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangeHunter BrandOranges View
296AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangePointer BrandOranges View
297AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangePointer BrandOranges View
298AzusaA.C.G. Fruit ExchangeTony BrandOranges View
299AzusaDamerel-Allison Co.FlorenciaOranges View
300AzusaGolden Orange GrovesGolden Poppy BrandOranges View
301GlendoraGlendora Citrus AssociationRubel FarmsOranges View