About the Regional Site

The Los Angeles Regional Site, a direct extension of APU’s main campus in Azusa, offers a variety of graduate theological degree programs (in both Korean and English).

Friendly, experienced faculty and staff members are available to assist students with everything from registration to finding their classrooms. The staff and faculty of the Los Angeles Regional Site strive to provide quality, professional service while maintaining an open, relaxed, and personal atmosphere.

  • Eight “smart” classrooms equipped with high-powered computers linked to a multimedia projector
  • A library with Internet, database, and advanced search access

APU Wireless Network

APU’s wireless internet access is available at each regional campus location, allowing students, faculty, and staff to connect to the internet, use email, chat, and search library resources. For more information, visit support.apu.edu.

Additional APU Resources

In addition to taking conveniently scheduled and located classes, APU graduate students studying at the Regional Campuses may also access resources housed on the Azusa campus.

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