In a piece for Zu Magazine, APU junior Kelsey Arvidson, a journalism major, wrote about the positive changes occurring on campus this year brought about by the new President, the new Dean of Spiritual Life, and the Student Government Association. “This year is different. This is the year for us to come together, to learn and adjust from the past, and to realize the power and impact that is possible within our community,” Arvidson said.

The following excerpts are from her article titled, "Azusa Pacific's Revival is So Good".

“What does the 2019-2020 year look like? It looks like an ongoing renewal, encouraging growth through APU programs, offices and a new university president to support this shift. This revival is the restoration of a reputation, learning from past mistakes.”

“The official inauguration of President Paul Ferguson initially stirred up the change within the university. His background is built upon ideologies that fuel APU towards greatness. There have been mistakes in the past, and he acknowledges them, but he encourages the school to move forward.”

“The vast opportunities spearheaded by Ferguson represent all passions on campus that can be pursued by students. There are opportunities surrounding athletics, mission trips, arts and everything in between.”

“Integrating spiritual principles throughout the campus is another priority of Ferguson’s. This includes being rooted in Scripture as a student body while walking away from false information.”

“Truth should not be fearful of any student at Azusa Pacific University,” said Ferguson during APU’s announcement of its 17th president. A spiritual revival is imminent upon APU.”

“Chapel offices and the pastoral team have also undergone some changes. The pastoral roles have shifted in Spiritual Life, allowing new voices and opinions to lead alongside one another. Ferguson is also involved in this change.”

“We have somebody who’s leading us and providing a direction as a university that’s identified a lot of hard work to recover financially,” said Coba Canales, dean of Spiritual Life.”

“The Student Government Association (SGA) is greatly aiding this revival as well. This year, SGA is prioritizing relational ministries, while logistical and social changes are in the works to improving student life. They have redefined what it means to be involved on campus and express the importance of personal relationships within the student body. ”

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