Channing Reid '20, executive producer/reporter with ZU TV, sat down with APU President Paul W. Ferguson, Ph.D., DABT, for an exclusive interview to discuss the first four months of his Presidency and the sense of renewed hope infusing the university. Watch the video.

The following are excerpts from the interview.

"Hope is built with step by step development of evidence," Dr. Ferguson said. "We have to pull together as an administrative structure so that people have confidence that there is strategic decision making, accountability, and transparency so that faculty, staff, and students know where we are going. When a decision is made, they know why and they know their best interests are at heart."

"The strategic plan is a committed effort to get us all where we want to go, to build on the excellence APU is known for," Dr. Ferguson said."In my first four months working with this incredibly resilient community, we have come into a trajectory of renewed hope. We are ready to take on the challenges that God has for us and to continue to impact society where we are fully ready to engage without compromise."

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