The Los Angeles Times recently featured Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing alumna Cecilia R. Escobedo ‘14, ‘17, ‘21, DNP, in a story about Latina mothers and daughters pursuing higher education degrees together.

Cecilia Escobedo, who had dropped out of high school, decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in nursing in 2000. Though her path was unconventional, she earned her Bachelor’s in Nursing in 2014, a Master’s in Nursing 2017, and a Doctorate in Nursing in 2021, all from APU. At the same time, her daughter Cindy was also finishing up school at UCLA, getting her bachelor’s in 2015, her masters in 2016, and her doctorate in 2021.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

“For mothers, it [getting their degree] meant balancing school nights and full-time jobs, straining to be there for family moments while succeeding as nontraditional students. For daughters, it meant caring for younger siblings while mom studied, becoming an extra pair of eyes on mom’s essays and explaining meetings with academic counselors while trying to flourish academically on their own.”

Read the full article.


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