Azusa, Calif.- The Azusa Pacific University Department of Theater, Film, and Television received a $5,000 grant from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to support APU’s cinematic arts internship program. The grant will help 10—15 students with the transportation costs of driving to Hollywood for industry internships during the 2012—2013 academic year.

“With gas prices holding around $4 a gallon, traveling expenses tied to internships prove challenging for a college student also paying tuition, room, and board. On average, our students travel 60 miles round trip. Do that at least two times a week for 15 weeks and the mileage cost approaches $1,000,” said Michael C. Smith, MFA, Ed.D., professor of cinematic arts at APU and recent recipient of a Fulbright grant. “The AMPAS grant helps defray up to $500 of that expense. For many students, this makes the best and otherwise cost-prohibitive internships accessible to them."

“Being an AMPAS scholarship recipient is not only an honor, but also a blessing,” said Conner McCabe, senior cinematic arts production major. “The grant helps financially with travel costs and motivates me to pursue additional opportunities in the film industry as a student.”

Cinematic arts students participate in a variety of internships during their time at Azusa Pacific University. The Department of Theater, Film, and Television works to place students in internships that support their career plans. Students intern at high-impact companies like DreamWorks, New Line Cinema, New Regency, and Digital Revolution Studios. Most are located in Hollywood or the surrounding Los Angeles area.

The AMPAS’ Internship Grants Program assists in fostering educational opportunities for students at accredited educational institutions and other nonprofit organizations that might not otherwise be able to participate in a motion picture production-focused internship due to financial limitations. This year, the program distributed $175,000 to 25 universities, colleges, and non-profit organizations.

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Associate Director of Public Relations
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