Israel Estrada to Feed the Poor

Posted: November 11, 2013

As the super kitchen nears completion in Mexicali, Mexico, we are excited to announce that Israel Estrada has been hired by "Outside the Bowl" to be the Director of the Mexicali Super Kitchen. Israel has also stepped down from his role as coordinator of ministry in Mexico for Azusa Pacific University's Mexico Outreach program. Israel's relationship with Mexico Outreach has changed, but we expect to work together on many projects in the future.

We are excited for Israel and his wife, Vna, as they begin this new venture. Israel has lived all his life in Mexicali and he and his family are very well known and respected in the community.

Already Israel has hit the ground running with Outside the Bowl and has signed up a large company in the area to sponsor 600 meals a day. He also has nearly 100 local pastors very excited to be a part of the feeding programs that will receive food from the super kitchen.