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Explore Your Calling

Could God be calling you into vocational ministry? The questionnaire below may help you find out.

Personal Information
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I have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.
I find that I have a strong desire to study and understand the Bible.
When I am with others, I am concerned for their need for God.
I like serving others in a ministry endeavor, even if the tasks are pretty basic or routine.
I have experienced an inner sense that God created me for something significant.
Questions about God and faith interest me.
The world’s need for Christ sometimes overwhelms me.
I enjoy having leadership responsibilities in a ministry endeavor, it energizes me.
I have sensed God telling me that He has called me to be a pastor, missionary, youth pastor, Bible teacher, or another pastoral position.
I find myself discussing or debating theological questions.
People have told me that I am a compassionate and sensitive person.
I don’t shy away from confronting someone when it is needed.
Others have told me that they can picture me in full-time ministry as a career.
I tend to over-prepare for Bible studies that I attend.
Others tend to seek me out for comfort or advice.
I am not afraid to ask others to join me in addressing needs.