Damien Hobgood

Damien “Damo” Hobgood was born on July 6, 1979 in Melbourne, Florida. As a professional surfer currently out of Encinitas, California, Hobgood regularly competes around the world. 2006 will be Hobgood’s 7th year on the CT. A top four CT finish in 2005 is all the more awe-inducing when you consider he achieved it after being placed behind the eight-ball due to injury early in the piece. A shoulder that continued to dislocate itself meant that Hobgood had to excuse himself from Foster’s ASP Men’s World Tour events in Fiji and Reunion Island last year as the flashy goofy footer underwent surgery. Post-operation and healthy again, Hobgood’s return was speckled with moments of pure brilliance as he finished a superb second in France and then added more spice to the pie by coming in first in Brazil. Assuming he can continue to develop consistency, it seems more than plausible that the quietly spoken Floridian could mirror his twin brother CJ (World Champion 2001) by holding aloft the huge cup come the end of 2006.

Additionally, 2006 will be Hobgood’s 11th year on the QS (1996 was his 1st year on the grind). His highest ranking on this tour was 5th back in 1999. His current corporate sponsors include Globe, Anon Optics, Quiet Flight Surfboards, X-Trak, and FCS fins.

With a solid mix of power and aerial trickery in the beach breaks, Hobgood could, with a bit of lip, boost bigger than the best of them. When not surfing, Hobgood usually plays tennis or fishes.

Christian Hosoi

In his 36 years, Christian Hosoi has ascended to heights most of us could only dream about. As a professional skateboarder in the 1980s he reached legendary status dominating contests with his fluid style and big airs. A man seemingly born to occupy the spotlight Hosoi became one of the main faces of the fledgling sport, his battles with another of the sport’s upstarts, a kid named Tony Hawk would became the stuff of legend.

But on January 20, 2000 Hosoi’s high flight came crashing back down to earth, when he was arrested at Honolulu airport carrying almost a pound and a half of crystal methamphetamine in from Los Angeles. Hosoi was eventually convicted and sentenced to serve 10 years in prison, a fate that changed his life in more ways than one.

“Shortly before I went inside my wife invited me to church” he says “I pretty much went just to be cool to her and not because I really wanted to be there.” That one trip to church resulted in Hosoi coming to know the Lord, a decision that would sustain him throughout his stint in prison and beyond. Hosoi says that the timing was perfect for God to make an impact on his life. He was eventually granted parole in June 2004 after serving four and a half years behind bars.

For the moment the sky is the limit for Hosoi. Recently completing a cameo on Stacy Peralta’s “Lords of Dogtown,” speculation as to Hosoi’s return to the sport has fans and pundits alike waiting with baited breath. “I want to skate all the parks all over, but my platform right now is that I want to share God’s love with as many kids as possible, and to hopefully bring people to know who Jesus Christ is, or at least give them the opportunity to hear the good news and the message of salvation through Him.”

Hosoi became an ordained Minster in July 2005 and is now an associate pastor at The Sanctuary in Huntington Beach. To learn more about Hosoi, visit www.sanctuaryhb.com and www.theuprisingishere.com.

Jimmie McGuire

Oklahoma native and FMX rider, Jimmie McGuire, started riding twelve years ago with fellow Dew Action Sports athlete Kenny Bartram. Since then he has made a huge impression on the action sports world, consistently placing in the top ranks at IFMA contests and the world’s top competitions, including a fifth place finish at this year's Australian X Games. McGuire entered the Dew Action Sports Tour as an Open Qualifier and by hammering home some impressive runs, he has secured a place for himself on the rest of the Tour.

“My 2005 season was great,” says McGuire, who also finished 10th overall in the 2005 IFMA series. “I had a lot of fun and rode really well. I’m becoming more aggressive on the course, and I hope to make the top 10 in all the competitions in 2006.”

Off the bike, “Jimmie Mac” takes time out to play his guitar and drums. A member of the Ride4Christ team, McGuire follows the motto, “Keep it real, have faith.” He speaks out on religious devotion and makes a conscious effort to inspire and lead others towards positive growth through faith.


R4C uses the sport of Freestyle Motocross (FMX) to introduce the youth community to the Gospel of Christ. The action sports phenomenon, with its sensory appeal, captures the attention of young people with the intensity of a rock concert. Learn about the sport of FMX and how Jesus Christ has worked in the lives of these R4C riders.

OLIVIA the Band

Hailing from Oahu, Hawai’i, this rock band consistently appears on Christian rock charts with hit singles, and regularly tours across the U.S. and Australia. OLIVIA the Band invites you to become a part of their “ohana” (family)!


Incorporating hip-hop music and dance with the message of Jesus Christ, SOLIX seeks to reach out to communities in a unique and lasting way. The group formed in 1999, choosing their name from the Latin phrase soli Cristos, meaning “only Christ.” Experience the energy of their performance at this year’s Night of Champions.

Classic Cars Show

Enjoy a cool spring evening outdoors while checking out some of the finest classic cars in Southern California. Meet the owners and ask questions about the unique and elaborate hobby of refurbishing classics.

Sonsational Activities and Events

Come play interactive inflatable games and bouncy rides just like a kid at the fair! Sonsational Activities will feature their best equipment for this year’s Night of Champions.

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