• Dennis Weathersby

    Weathersby was expected to be drafted in the first or second round of the 2003 NFL Draft. However, on April 20, 2003, three days before the NFL draft, he was shot in the back in an apparent gang-related shooting. Weathersby and his friend had been mistaken for gang members. Despite the incident, the Bengals still drafted him in the fourth round where he joined his former Oregon State teammates Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh. Although he recovered from the shooting, his injuries took longer to heal than expected, and he was only able to play in four games during his rookie season.

    On April 12, 2004, Weathersby experienced another setback when he was involved in a car accident that put him into a coma. The first sign of recovery was when Bengals coach Marvin Lewis came to visit him while he was still unconscious. Weathersby’s foot was hanging from his hospital bed when Lewis told him to put it back in the bed and Weathersby obeyed. When he finally came around, he astounded doctors with his quick progress.

  • Andrew Short

    Professional motocross rider Andrew Short races for Red Bull Honda. He is the 2006 East/West Shootout champion and placed third overall at the 2007 AMA Motocross Championships.

  • John Zender

    Deeply committed to making public art, Zender has produced more than 300 murals in Los Angeles and throughout the United States. As founder of Creative Art Solutions, he has devoted many hours to nurturing young artists and making a difference in many communities.

    My work is influenced by the word of God. I want to bring eternal spiritual concepts into my work. I use the artistic language to communicate life and existence. When I see a vision or recognize a spiritual truth, it holds so much mystery that using mere recognizable imagery can’t reach the soul of the viewer.

    John will be completing a mural during the outdoor portion of Night of Champions and bringing it inside to talk about its significance.


  • Phil Wickham

    With amazing lyrical integrity, compelling artistic expression, and an intimate cry to God through his unique voice, Phil Wickham channels the pop sensibilities of Coldplay with the emotive lyrics of singer-songwriters like John Mayer. Wickham’s appealing blend of driving pop-rock, along with intimate, worshipful moments, broadcasts a rare gem that shines in all facets. Some of his recent hits include “Divine Romance” and “Grace”. Check out his website at www.philwickham.com or listen to his music on iTunes.

  • SevnOne

    SevnOne is more than an action sports camp. It’s a place where youth of every type and experience find freedom. It begins with acceptance, and knowing every individual God crafted is completely unique-each with our own style, talent, ability, and passion.

    The camps will teach these seven disciplines: skate, surf, wake, BMX, FMX, audio, and visual. Their presence at Night of Champions will include exhibitions during the outdoor program and on-stage interviews during the indoor program. For more information about and video clips of SevnOne, visit their website at www.sevnone.org.

  • The S.O.G. Crew

    The S.O.G. (Sons of God) Crew is a unique slice of modern West Coast Hip-Hop sent by God to reach all generations, nations, and countries through the influence of powerful lyrics. This four-member band will be performing during the outdoor portion of Night of Champions. You can also look forward to hearing the testimony of one of the band members who accepted Christ at a Night of Champions event over 10 years ago!

Please contact the Night of Champions Office with any questions.