Jamie Whitmore

Jamie Whitmore had an outstanding season as a rookie pro in both the Xterra Triathlon Series and the Norba Mountain Bike Series. Coming from a running background, she had only pursued cycling and swimming for two years. Already the top Xterra female in the world, Whitmore's domination of the series for years to come is expected as her own progression curve improves in the cycling and swimming segments. Dominating, unbeatable, and destined for glory are just a few of the buzzwords circling the triathlon community. In the Xterra series, Whitmore had two first place finishes and one second-place finish. She is the Xterra National Champion and Xterra Series Champion, and finished second at the World Championships. She was also voted Xterra Triathlete of the Year. She is no stranger to a tough challenge. One doesn't become 2007 Xterra Triathlon USA Champion, 2004 Xterra Triathlon World Champion, and 2003/04 Xterra Triathlon European Champion without a good fight. Jamie was stricken with cancer in 2007, having two softball-sized tumors removed from her lower back. Today she is cancer free and has two beautiful twin boys, Christian and Ryder.

Mark Muñoz

Mark Muñoz's love of athletics began at a young age, and football was his passion. As a sophomore in high school, however, he incurred an injury that prevented him from playing the sport he loved so dearly, causing him to turn to wrestling. Muñoz currently fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight division, where he is known for his wrestling ability and his relentless ground-and-pound. As of November 2011, Muñoz, known as the "Filipino Wrecking Machine," was ranked the No. 4 middleweight fighter in the world by Sherdog. Considering his success as a UFC fighter, it's no surprise he believes a divine power is steering him. "I'm a religious guy," said Muñoz. "I truly believe what's meant to be is meant to be. I see the doors that open for me, and I always try to walk through them." Muñoz credits his team, parents, wife, and children for helping him get to where he is today. But it's not just those around him that keep him going, it's the One inside him. "I have the spirit of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ," he said. "And I [have] faith that he has put me in this position."


Worth Dying For

In today's culture, it may be difficult to find a worship band that pushes the edge musically and lyrically, and yet is still worship at the core. With the platform of Ammunition Conference held annually in Modesto, California, Worth Dying For has a mission not only to be a band, but also a youth movement that shakes the nation with the presence and power of God. What started out as a simple vision to write original worship songs given by the pastor of Ammunition Conference, Jeremy Johnson turned into a youth movement of worship and originality. "It is our mission to raise up an army from the dust of the earth; the nothings, the left outs and abandoned," says Johnson. "We serve a generation that marches to the beat of a different drum. Passion has robbed them of normality. It's as if something was built inside that screams, 'I will worship in the midst of pain and trials.' We realize we are the end of the story. The heroes of faith are cheering us on and its through worship that we fight. Our job is to blow the trumpet in Zion, or in our case, guitars and keytars. We will sound the alarm, that the King of Kings has won the victory, and His name is Jesus."


Christian hip-hop artist click88 made it his goal to be a living example of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, especially to today’s youth. Click has released three albums under Wild West Recording including his Christian album, Contact, which embodies both the true sound of hip-hop as well as the Word and his testimony. He has performed with successful and respected artists in hip-hop, including Jurassic 5, Rahzel, Doug E. Fresh, and Ice Cube, and has been involved with film projects such as 8 Mile, She’s All That, and Malibu’s Most Wanted. Christ has put heavily on click’s heart the importance of his family who has served as a source of inspiration for his music.

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