Tuition and Aid

Delivering high-quality graduate programs takes a comprehensive support system. Your investment in an advanced degree includes those services and personnel that partner with you in pursuit of higher education. Below is a detailed breakdown of the fees associated with the benefits and services included in your degree program.

School of Nursing Fees

Tuition and Fees
Nursing Master’s Degree, Credential, and Most Certificate Programs (per unit)$860

Nursing courses may require additional fees. View a complete list of university fees.

All stated financial information is subject to change. Please consult with the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Financial Services located in the Student Services Center (SSC), (626) 815-2020, for most current and controlling information.

Financial Aid

Several types of financial aid are available to graduate students. The resources range from federal loans and state grants to, for some graduate programs, fellowships and scholarships. For details about financial aid available for your program, please contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Student Financial Services at (626) 815-4570.

Military Benefits

Military members—and in some cases their spouses and dependents—qualify for financial assistance covering tuition, housing, and books. Azusa Pacific is a Yellow Ribbon University and Military Friendly School, so you can be confident that you’ll receive the benefits and flexibility you need to complete your education.

Program-Specific Aid

For more details on these scholarships and funding opportunities, as well as other possible resources, contact the School of Nursing at (626) 815-5386.

HRSA Public Health Scholarship Program

What is the HRSA Public Health Scholarship Program (PHSP)?

  • Goal: To increase capacity in public health systems in order to meet core public health functions (the Ten Essential Public Health Services) and decrease public health inequities and health disparities.
  • Purpose: To strengthen the public health workforce by providing support to organizations to develop scholarship programs that incentivize training and careers in public health.

Who is eligible?

All current MPH applicants are all eligible to apply. Returning MPH students are also eligible to apply, though preference will be given to students starting the MPH program, as the scholarship program has several outcomes needing multiple semesters to complete. Time to graduation will be taken into account when the scholarship committee meets to review applications.

How much is the scholarship for?

Scholarship amount will range from $10,500 to $21,000 depending on when a student begins the MPH program and/or whether they are part time or full time.

If awarded, what is expected of the student?

Students will be expected to attend a mandatory orientation and a postexit interview and survey; meet with their respective HRSA scholarship contacts and mentor; participate in required workshops, trainings, and interprofessional experiences; and work toward securing and completing the required 135-hour internship. They will also participate in career counseling and mentorship programming provided through this HRSA Public Health Scholarship Program. Students will be required to submit a research project and will have the opportunity to participate in APU’s Nursing Research Symposium if their research poster or presentation is selected, as this is often associated with the timing of one’s capstone course.


  • Spring 2023: December 30, 2022
  • Summer 2023: April 30, 2023
  • Fall 2023: August 15, 2023

Questions? Contact Marissa Brash, DrPH, EdD, MPH, CPH, at (626) 815-6000, Ext. 6179, or

Application Process

  1. Go to the HRSA Public Health Scholarship Program Application
  2. Gather the following:
    • Transcripts. For new applicants (prospective MPH students), official transcripts are required. New applicants who submit the MPH admissions application with the HRSA PHSP application at the same time can use the same official transcript submitted with their admissions application. For returning MPH students, the student’s APU graduate transcript record will be reviewed and unofficial transcripts can be submitted.
    • Essay/personal goal(s) statement (250-500 words) addressed to the PHSP committee.
    • Letter(s) of recommendation (one letter is required, but multiple letters are allowed)
  3. Email with the unofficial transcript (if a returning student), essay, and letter(s) of recommendation to complete your application, which will then be reviewed.

Note: This information is current for the 2022-23 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.

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