TaskStream and Other Watermark Products

APU has adopted a variety of Watermark software products to improve student learning and institutional outcomes.

  • The Taskstream by Watermark Accountability Management System (AMS) is the web-based portfolio software APU uses for assessment administration. Each department is required to establish and maintain a workspace for each program or major offered by the department.
  • LAT is an assessment/data collection/artifact repository that allows for comprehensive reporting and an ePortfolio format. LAT facilitates assessment for educational settings that include clinical practice management, a need for internal or external surveying, and instructional design tools such as unit/lesson/rubric building.
  • Aqua by Watermark streamlines data collection, scoring, and reporting on learning outcomes achievement with user-friendly tools that make it easy for faculty to score actual student work against standard rubrics. This encourages faculty engagement and helps generate meaningful data more quickly.
  • VIA gives faculty and students multiple ways to engage in rich learning experiences with customized ePortfolios, assessments, and assignments. This highly flexible ePortfolio tool allows for the capture, measure, and sharing of learning milestones across the learning environment.

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