Federal Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is awarded to eligible students who have met a financial need requirement, as determined by the correct Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA. Awards range from $306-$6,095[1] for the 2018-19 school year, depending on enrollment status and Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

The extremely limited funds for the SEOG are awarded to the neediest students as determined by the FAFSA. Funding is limited and not all eligible students will receive a SEOG award.

State Aid

Each year, the state of California invests millions of dollars to help the state’s residents achieve their higher education goals. Of the programs offered, the most common are the Cal Grant A, Cal Grant B, Cal Grant Dream Act, and Chafee Grant. These funds are not guaranteed. The state reserves the right to change, reduce, or eliminate any of the programs described below based on state law and budget limitations.

State Aid is available in four categories:

  1. Cal Grant A
  2. Cal Grant B
  3. Cal Grant Dream Act
  4. Chafee Grant for Foster Youth

For more information and to view any changes or revisions, please visit and Please be advised that funding from all of the sources listed is not guaranteed. Budget limitations may reduce or eliminate any of the awards described without notice. Also, on rare occasions, the amount of financial aid originally offered may be reduced or eliminated due to federal, state, and/or institutional policies. See the Stacking Financial Aid policy for more information on possible restrictions.

APU Grant

Azusa Pacific University invests millions of dollars annually to partner with families working to bridge the gap of affording the one-of-a-kind, transformational educational experience APU offers. The APU Grant amount is based on financial need as determined by the FAFSA, cost of attendance, and resources available to the student. Eligibility for this award and the amount awarded may change if new information is received, including changes in federal, state and institutional aid. The student must be enrolled at least half-time. Students must also complete verification, if applicable. Award amounts will not increase in subsequent years.


  1. All federal, state, and institutional grants are prorated for less than full time enrollment. For policies regarding grants, please see Financial Aid Policies.

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