2022-23 Accountabilities

Five Presidential Commitments to the Board of Trustees

During the presidential search process, it was clear that the Board of Trustees was looking for a leader with specific giftings, “for just such a time as this.” With this in mind, I make the following five commitments to the Board of Trustees:

  1. The president is mission-centric, accountable to the Board of Trustees for keeping APU aligned on its core mission and purpose through wise and intentional leadership and management of the institution.

  2. The president is the spiritual leader of APU with a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a genuine love for others, and a mature Christ-modeled approach to servant leadership.

  3. The president is the visionary who leads, inspires, and motivates the community with clarity and conviction regarding institutional identity and direction.

  4. The president is the financial steward who understands the economics of APU and makes strategic decisions, demonstrating the ability to lead thoughtfully, prayerfully, and unwaveringly amidst the ever-changing landscape of Christian higher education.

  5. The president is the ambassador who enthusiastically and effectively communicates APU’s mission and vision to all internal and external stakeholders.

The President’s Five Strategic Priorities for FY23

In the year ahead ...

  1. I will prioritize mission faithfulness, strengthening APU’s resolve to fully live into its mission as a richly diverse, Christ-centered university that seeks to advance the work of God in the world by educating students to develop a Christian perspective of truth and life.

  2. I will build the executive leadership team, bringing intentional leadership to the President’s Cabinet in a way that fosters trust, clear communication, clarity of vision and purpose, accountability, a growing reliance on God and each other through intentional times of prayer and discernment, and a strong sense of team.

  3. I will stabilize the financial health of APU, strengthening the business model by giving careful attention to cost containment and new revenue generation.

  4. I will lead APU through the WASC sanction, taking the steps necessary to successfully resolve the issues noted in the warning letter, resulting in the sanction being lifted no later than spring 2024 and a healthier, stronger APU.

  5. I will prioritize organizational culture and engage with faculty and staff in real ways, listening to, and empathizing with, all that the community has been through due to the pandemic, the enrollment decline, and budget and leadership challenges.

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