Azusa Pacific University has set out a bold new vision to become the premier Christian University for our culture and times. This aspiration motivates the APU community and refines our institutional resolve to become a model University where all students who seek an excellent Christ-centered education can learn and thrive; faculty and staff feel equipped and empowered to lead change and make an impact; and the institution embraces innovation and strategic practices that reflect a commitment to financial sustainability and institutional advancement.

This publications page will provide information reflecting University progress toward fulfillment of the Strategic Plan as well as other important documents that reflect progress and note achievements of the APU Community in its God First mission.

2019-20 University Annual Report of Progress

This new and comprehensive summary report demonstrates the diverse and impactful activities accomplished throughout the APU Community during 2019-20, even in the midst of extraordinarily challenging times.

Read: University Annual Report of Progress (PDF)

COVID-19 Impacts on Faculty, Staff, and Students During Spring 2020

Three complementary surveys were administered to faculty, staff, and students to assess the Spring 2020 semester experience amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This document summarizes key survey findings as well as some of the strategies being enacted as a response.

Read: COVID-19 Impacts on Faculty, Staff, and Students During Spring 2020 (PDF)

Enterprise Risk Management: 2020 Annual Report

This annual report describes APU’s risk management goals for Fiscal Year 2021, including APU’s vision for a university-wide, data-driven enterprise risk management program that supports the university’s 2020-27 Strategic Plan. The report includes APU’s board-approved definition of emergency risk management and the Terms of Reference for APU’s Strategic Enterprise Risk Management Committee.

Read: Enterprise Risk Management: 2020 Annual Report (PDF)

The President’s Roundtables

Virtual Engagement with the APU Community in Fall 2020

During the Fall 2020 semester, 11 Roundtable discussions were conducted with 110 faculty, staff, and students providing virtual engagement and input on important issues impacting the university. This document summarizes key insights and action items from these conversations.

Read: The President’s Roundtables: Virtual Engagement with the APU Community in Fall 2020 (PDF)

A Primer for Understanding APU’s Budget: January 2021

This high-level overview gives insight into how APU’s budget is structured, the allocation of expenses by vice presidential area, and a review of how APU responded financially to the Fall 2020 COVID-19 crisis.

Read: A Primer for Understanding APU’s Budget: January 2021 (PDF)

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