As members of the Azusa Pacific University community, we claim this vision together:

We will be a premier Christian university and a recognized leader in higher education, a city on a hill that reflects the life of Christ and shines the light of Truth.

University Strategic Priorities 2017-2022

The university strategic priorities define institutional purposes and ensure that objectives of the university are met according to the plans initiated by various university stakeholders (e.g., administration, academy, cocurricular, and operations). These six strategic priorities guide the university toward 2022.

  1. Enhance the university’s ability to flourish and engage an increasingly post-Christian culture.
  2. Deliver academic and cocurricular programs with continued excellence.
  3. Reimagine affordability, accessibility, and innovation across the institution to accomplish our mission.
  4. Cultivate a Christ-centered inclusive institutional culture, which intentionally values people, diversity, and mutual understanding in community.
  5. Strengthen the financial health of the institution to accomplish our mission.
  6. Advance the physical and virtual infrastructure to execute our mission and support our growth goals.