Faculty receive input from their students via the Individual Development Educational Assessment (IDEA) instrument. This system gives specific information about how the students experience the educational opportunity provided by a course as well as comparisons to like courses taught nationally.

Faculty Evaluations
This system provides a significant amount of flexibility to faculty in the options available to them in setting up their evaluations. This requires faculty to give some advanced thought in how their course should best be evaluated.

Faculty Directions
The company, The IDEA Center, Inc. has provided a website that has all the information needed by faculty to set up their evaluations. The first step for faculty is filling out the Faculty Information Form. This form provides direct input for the type of information the IDEA Report will give. Please read the "Important Instructions" on the Faculty Information Form and follow them completely. See below for complete directions for filling out the Faculty Information Form.

If you have specific questions regarding the administration of the IDEA at APU, please contact the Office of Faculty Evaluation at facultyevaluation@apu.edu.