Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost oversees and supports several academic initiatives and programs that are designed to support not only APU’s Shared Vision 2022 and its four themes of mission, academic reputation, valuing people, and financial excellence, but also the provost’s Academic Vision 2022.

This list of ten academic objectives was created with support from President Jon R. Wallace, DBA, and the Academic Cabinet and was initially presented by Provost Mark Stanton in 2011. Elements of these goals have been translated into measurable outcomes that are tracked on APU’s Academic Quality and Reputation Initiative Dashboard using standardized metrics such as registration and retention statistics, CCCU Princeton Review Academic Rankings, and IPEDS data.

New initiatives from the Office of the Provost include Education to Vocation, a renewed focus on diversity, and a significantly revised General Education curriculum that incorporates a newly designed Writing Program.

For updates on new and ongoing initiatives, visit the Office of the Provost’s Communication Portal and Archive.