Message from the Director

Welcome to CRIS!

In this age of science and technology, many flock to science for answers, yet most are not ready for the questions science raises. As 21st-century scholars of faith, we cannot afford to merely study the facts of science and dismiss the ethics behind scientific endeavors. The cultivation of a global Christian worldview, together with a willingness to address relevant yet challenging issues that are scientific in nature but global in impact, seems necessary and urgent.

I believe that this is an exciting time, and that CRIS has an opportunity to advance scientific endeavors that promote the betterment of the Azusa Pacific community as well as neighboring communities.

Through facilitating faculty-student mentoring in research, connecting students with STEM internships, encouraging creativity in learning, and promoting science, CRIS can offer holistic and transformative approaches to science education. I am privileged to lead CRIS in fulfilling its multifaceted role while pointing to God’s manifold wisdom in this next season.

I cordially invite you to join us in the many upcoming opportunities and events. Please refer to our calendar and newsletter for more information. I look forward to seeing you!


Louise Ko Huang, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Director, Center for Research in Science

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