Pamela Cone, PhD, RN, CNS, Grace Moorefield, MSN, APRN-BC, RN, Aja Tulleners Lesh, PhD, RN, NP, and Leslie Van Dover, Ph.D., PN, RN

May 26, 2010
Van Dover, L., Tulleners-Lesh, A., Reid-Martinez, K., Cone, P., & Moorefield, G. (2010, April). A nursing ‘semester abroad’ in South Africa. Research paper presented at the annual meeting of the Western Institute of Nursing (WIN), Glendale, AZ.

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Pamela Cone
Associate Professor
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Aja Tulleners Lesh
Dean and Professor, School of Nursing
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Grace Moorefield
Associate Dean, Division of Undergraduate Programs
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Leslie Van Dover
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