Faculty Notes

T. Scott Daniels, Ph.D., Paul Shrier, Ph.D., Thomas Parham, Ph.D., Keith Reeves, Ph.D., Roger Conover, Ph.D., Emmanuel Ogunji, Ph.D., Adele L. Harrison, Ph.D., Brian Lugioyo, and Don Thorsen, Ph.D.

February 6, 2012
Shrier, P., Daniels, S., Thorsen, D., Lugioyo, B., Reeves, K., Parham, T., Conover, R., Harrison, A., Ogunji, E., & Yeoh, A. (2012). Theology, Work and the Economy [$250,000 grant recipients]. Kern Family Foundation, Waukesha,WI.

Faculty Details

Roger Conover
Chair and Professor, Department of Economics, Finance, and International Business
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Brian Lugioyo
Professor, Department of Theology and Ethics
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Thomas Parham
Professor, Department of Cinematic Arts
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Keith Reeves
Professor, Department of Biblical and Religious Studies
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Paul Shrier
Professor, Department of Practical Theology
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Don Thorsen
Professor, Azusa Pacific Seminary
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