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G. James Daichendt, Ed.D.

November 2, 2012
Daichendt, G. J. (2012, September). Charles Gaines at Pitzer Art Galleries, Inland Empire. [Review] ArtScene, 31(1), pp. 14-16.

Daichendt, G. J. (2012, Fall). Halfway home: Macha Suzuki. [Review] Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, 100-101.

Daichendt, G. J. (2012, Summer). Street art expression. [Review] Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, 96-97.

Daichendt, G. J. (2012, July/August). Gronk at Coagula Curatorial, Chinatown [Review]. ArtScene, 31(11), 24.

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G. James Daichendt
Adjunct Professor, School of Visual and Performing Arts
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