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Chong Ho (Alex) Yu, Ph.D.

May 30, 2017
Yu, C. H. (2017, April). Does factor indeterminacy matter in multi-dimensional item response theory? Presentation at the 2017 SAS Global Forum, Orlando, FL.

Yu, C. H., Whitney, W., Brown, E., Gan, S., & Lee, H. S. (2017, April). Are Christians anti-science? An investigation of the relationship between attitudes towards scripture and science. Presentation at the Southern California Christians in Science Conference, Riverside, CA.

Brown, E., & Yu, C. H. (2017, April). A qualitative approach to the unchurching phenomenon: Content and sentiment analyses. Poster presented at annual convention of the Western Psychological Association, Sacramento, CA.

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Chong Ho (Alex) Yu
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
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