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David Dunaetz, Ph.D.

November 10, 2017
Dunaetz, D. R. (2016). [Review of the book Organizational leadership: Foundations and practices for Christians, edited by J.S. Burns, J.R. Shoup, & D.C. Simmons]. Dharma Deepika: A South Asian Journal of Missiological Research, 20(2), 92-93.

Dunaetz, D. R. (2017). A missionary’s relationship to sending churches: Communal and exchange dimensions. In G. Hartt, C. R. Little, & J. Wang (Eds.), Churches on mission: God’s grace abounding to the nations (pp. 303-323). Pasadena, CA: William Carey Library.

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David Dunaetz
Associate Professor, Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology
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