Faculty Notes: Chong Ho (Alex) Yu, Ph.D. (May 30, 2019)

Rawlings, M., Castaneda, R., Valdovinos, I., Payne, J., & Yu, C. H. (2019, March). Spiritually responsive SBIRT in social work education. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions. [Online First]. doi: /full/10.1080/1533256X.2019.1590702

Yu, C. H., Lee, H. S., Lara, E., & Gan, S. G. (2019, April). Adult learning across USA, Canada, and New Zealand: A cross-cultural study of PIAAC. International Education Studies, 12(5), 1-16. doi:10.5539/ies.v12n5p1

Yu, C. H. (2019, May). Is the creation account in the Bible unscientific? From Concordism to created cosmic order. Journal of International Society of Christian Apologetics, 12(1), 65-87.

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