Faculty Notes: Ismael Lopez Medel, Ph.D. (March 23, 2020)

Lopez Medel, I. (2020). Street art at the service of capitalism: The case of the 2019 UEFA champions league corporate Image as developed by street artist Ruben Sánchez. The International Visual Culture Review, 2.

Lopez Medel, I. (2020). The three pillars of short course abroad programs. In P. K. Turner, S. Bardhan, T. Q. Holden, & E. M. Mutua (Eds.), Internationalizing the communication curriculum in an age of globalization: Why, what, and how (1st ed., pp. 207-220). Routledge.

Miranda-Gale, J., Cabezuelo-Lorenzo, F., & Lopez Medel, I. (2020). La formación histórica del profesional de la comunicación en los tiempos de la narrativa transmedia (The Historical formation of the communication professional in times of trans media narrative). In P. Nunez, & A. Dominguez (Eds.), Gestión y formación audiovisual para crear contenidos en redes sociales (Management and audiovisual training to create social media content) (pp. 921-934). McGraw Hill.

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