Faculty Publication: Karen Strand Winslow, Ph.D. (April 30, 2020)

Winslow, K. S. (2020). Women priests and the image of God. Priscilla Papers, 34(2), 23-30.

Winslow, K. S. (2020). Esther Commentary. In R. Wall & K. Collins (Eds.), The Wesley one-volume commentary on the Bible (pp. 273-279). Abingdon Press.

Winslow, K. S. (2020). Akedah as apologia: The function of Genesis 22 for second temple Jews. In R. Middleton & D. Cullum, Orthodoxy and orthopraxis: Essays in tribute to Paul Livermore (pp. 11-26). Pickwick Publications.

Winslow, K. S., Yarchin, W., & Anderson, C. (2020). Qumran fragment Deut 27:4b-6. In J. H. Charlesworth & W. Yarchin (Eds.), The dead sea scrolls: Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts with English translations (Supplementary volume, pp. 47-76). Mohr-Siebeck.

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