Faculty Publication: B.J. Oropeza, Ph.D. (December 10, 2020)

Oropeza, B. J. (2020). Pauline Theology. In R. Branson (Ed.), The global Wesleyan encyclopedia of biblical theology (pp. 297-303). The Foundry Publishing.

Oropeza, B. J. (2020, October). Paul in perspective: An overview of the landscape more than forty years after Paul and Palestinian Judaism. In B. J. Oropeza & S. McKnight (Eds.), Perspectives on Paul: Five views (pp. 1-24). Baker Academic.

Oropeza, B. J. (2020, March). Second Corinthians. In K. J. Collins & R. W. Wall (Eds.), The Wesley one-volume commentary on the Bible (pp. 757-771). Abingdon Press.

Oropeza, B. J. (2020, October). [Review of the book The rhetorical functions of scriptural quotations in Romans: Paul’s argumentation by quotations, by K. Kujanpää]. Review of Biblical Literature.

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