Faculty Publication: David Dunaetz, Ph.D. (October 28, 2021)

Dunaetz, D. R. (2021, January). The great commission research journal and mission information workers. The Quarterly Bulletin of the Global Community of Mission Information Workers, 11(1), 3.

Dunaetz, D. R., & Lanum, P. (2020). What forms of gratitude expression are most appreciated? Applications for Christian leaders. Journal of Applied Christian Leadership, 12(2), 55-70.

Dunaetz, D. R. (2021, April). The importance of hypotheses in church-based research. Great Commission Research Journal, 13(1), 5-18.

Dunaetz, D. R. (2021, July-September). [Review of the book Community arts for God’s purposes: How to create local artistry together, by B. Schrag and J. Rowe]. Evangelical Missions Quarterly, 57(3), 48.

Covarrubias, A., Dunaetz, D. R., & Dykes McGehee, W. (2021). Innovativeness and church commitment: What innovations were most important during the pandemic? Great Commission Research Journal, 13(2), 49-70.

Dunaetz, D. R. (2021). Innovation in churches: A theoretical framework. Great Commission Research Journal, 13(2), 5-20.

Dunaetz, D. R. (2021, February). Approaching honor and shame with humility: Limitations to our current understanding. Missiology: An International Journal, 49(4), 402-416.

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