About the Office

Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life strives to create spaces for residential students to explore their God-given identity and purpose within the communities they live.

Living on Campus at APU

Living in residence at Azusa Pacific University carries with it distinctive privileges and responsibilities. Students who reside in campus housing live in a community with peers and are entrusted with the responsibility of caring for each other in a cooperative and communicative fashion. This environment provides students with enriching experiences that may serve as an impetus for healthy interpersonal relationships.

Trained professional and paraprofessional personnel form the Residence Life staff. Their mission is twofold:

  • Efficient management of the living areas
    The goal of efficient management is to give students a living environment that supports their academic pursuits.
  • Provision of learning opportunities for students in living areas
    Through activities and other educational programs, students are encouraged to examine and define their values, beliefs, and personal, academic, and vocational goals.

All activities address the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational needs of residents. Students learn through interaction.

It is expected that full-time new students live in an APU residence. Students in the residence halls are required to choose from a variety of meal plans.

Residents must respect and comply with lifestyle expectations and all university and Residence Life policies and procedures. Residents are also held accountable to local, community, state, and federal authorities.

Each resident is responsible for reading and adhering to the rules and regulations outlined in the current APU Undergraduate Student Handbook as well as those in the housing policies and catalog. Residents will be held accountable for their guests' actions.

Distinctive Features

APU's on-campus residence life program has several distinctive features:

  1. It offers undergraduate students many different types of living environments, including traditional residence halls and self-contained apartments. Several of the on-campus living communities are accessible to students with disabilities.
  2. Each living area strives to provide living-learning programs based on the assessed needs of those residents.
  3. Each residence community is managed by a residence director (RD) who serves as a liaison between residents and the university community. RDs are trained to assist students in making positive choices that assure success in their college experiences.
  4. Each subcommunity is directed by a residence advisor (RA) who is available as a counselor and resource. The RA also assists in orienting students to the living area, campus, and assists in the planning of diverse programs meant to promote a sense of community and cooperation. No other on-campus residential setting offers students the variety and quality of life experiences as APU.