About the Center

SCRD pursues its mission by:

  • Investing in the development of student leaders who serve as catalysts for communication and understanding among people of all racial, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Providing supplemental support and services for ethnic minority students.
  • Sponsoring programs and activities which increase awareness and appreciation for ethnic diversity.
  • Supporting student leaders in the development, articulation, and application of their personal and corporate faith in Christ.

The SCRD office promotes student development through coordinating annual cultural events, advising ethnic organizations (Asian Pacific American Student Organization, Black Student Association, Latin American Student Association, Middle Eastern Student Organization, Native American Student Circle, and the Pacific Islander Organization). In addition, SCRD coordinates the Multi-Ethnic Leadership Scholarship Program, which involves education in leadership, diversity, and discipleship with selected students who become leaders of intercultural understanding and racial reconciliation on our campus and beyond. For more information, visit the Scholarship Opportunities page.

SCRD administers other scholarship programs for the university, and provides information on scholarship, fellowship, and internship opportunities offered by community organizations. The office also sponsors various annual events for the campus, including workshops and diversity/leadership retreats.

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