Servant Leadership Award

APU’s Servant Leadership Award was established in 2003 and is funded by the Berdena Ruth Foundation. The aim of this award is to promote the ideals of servant leadership in the area of community service. Service performed by the nominated students may have been performed within APU, in the community, internationally, and/or through an academic course. The award is given to two graduating undergraduate seniors. Each student receives a monetary award of $1,200, $200 of which is donated to a charity of their choice.

There are four areas of servant leadership for which students can be recognized:

  • Service within APU
  • Service in the community
  • Service through an academic course
  • Service internationally

This program is funded by an annual gift of $2,500 from the Berdena Ruth Scholarship.

2020 Servant Leadership Award Recipients

  • Breeann Blumenthal ’20

    Christian Ministries

    Breeann’s compassion and kindness have greatly impacted others as she has served generously on the APU campus, in the local community, and internationally through study-away experiences. She has engaged others as a campus discipleship leader, international student mentor, and senior chapel intern, and has served the community through prison ministry, mission agency/overseas nonprofit work, and as a spiritual care intern at a local hospital. These service opportunities have transformed Breeann, helping her see people as God sees them and love them in the midst of their challenges. In her words: “Servant leadership requires a state of humility that recognizes the power God has in a situation, and seeing our work as joining God in what He is already doing.” Breeann’s donation will be made to iThemba Projects.

    Next year, Breeann will attend Princeton Theological Seminary and begin work toward a Master of Divinity as she continues to serve and share the knowledge she’s gained, as part of fully seeking God’s plan, His Kingdom, and His people.

  • Seth Zomermaand ’20

    Social Work

    Seth is a dedicated, humble, and empathetic leader committed to serving all people with love. To him, servant leadership means serving to accomplish a mission while also empowering others to develop their full capabilities in the transformational learning process. Seth is student ministry coordinator in the Center for Student Action, where he began a partnership with the Dream Center’s foster care intervention program. During his time at APU, he has engaged others through camp counseling, Mexico Outreach, overseas action teams, men’s chorale discipleship, Upward Bound tutoring, and service-learning experiences through his social work courses. In his words: “Working with and serving people has helped me grow and live out my faith actively and connect matters that I read and learn about in the Bible with matters of today.” Seth’s donation will be made to Dawn of Hope.

Past Recipients


Alexis Diaz, Social Work
Hunter Roberts, Biology


Charles Henderson, Allied Health
Xitlali Topete, LVN to BSN


Rebekah Guerra, Psychology
Shea Suiter, Business: Marketing


Bridgette Kielhack, Business
Tobias Brown, Nursing


Kaitlyn Lee, History
Tyler Jamison, History


Lauren McNair, Social Work
Curtis Isozaki, Liberal Studies


Marissa Hilmes, Nursing
Christopher Waks, Theology


Gabrielle Aquino, Psychology
Brett Johnson, Communications


Cameron Justice, Service in the Community
Ricky Chao, Service Internationally
Jonathan Garcia, Service within APU
Rebecca Borst, Service through Academics


Allison Risley, Service in the Community
Adah Fisher, Service Internationally
Elisabet Medina, Service within APU
Stacey Kim, Service through an Academic Course


Luke Spink, Service in the Community
Angel Gonzalez, Service Internationally
Bradley Bedsole, Service within APU
Laurel Bishop, Service through an Academic Course


Lauren Metzig, Service in Community
Rhoman Goyenechea, Service Internationally
Bethany Ulrich, Service through an Academic Course
Phil Brazell, Service within APU


Matt Brannon, Service in Community
Megan Klingensmith, Service through an Academic Course
Giovanna Miraya, Service within APU
Megan Sievert, Service Internationally


Danielle Pruitt, Service within APU
Melanie Seawright, Service in Community
Michelle Siemens, Service Internationally
Rebekah Clark, Service within APU


Amy Thurber, Service in Community
Faith Lee, Service Internationally
Rosa Gaeta, Service through an Academic Course
Andre Borgmann, Service within APU


Bet Freed
Kyle Thompson
Michelle Asbill
Kari Mandl

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