Faculty Fellows

The Center for Academic Service-Learning at Azusa Pacific University is integral to carrying out the mission of producing disciples and scholars, bringing the areas of discipleship and scholarship together in a tangible way through its courses. Historically, the center has focused on the development and support of a growing number of dynamic courses implementing the service-learning pedagogy. In spring 2010, a Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program was designed to strengthen the research arm of the center. The program has constantly adapted to meet the changing needs of the university and the academy.

The Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program serves in various capacities to enhance both the quality and the reputation of education at APU. The first team, in 2010-11, compared outcomes of domestic APU service-learning courses with those of APU international service-learning experiences, identifying ways to include elements of the most impactful international programs into our domestic programs.

During 2011-13, the Faculty Fellows team chose to replicate at APU a broadly cited research study on faculty motivations and deterrents for implementing service-learning in order to compare the findings of a faith-based institution with the findings of the larger study. This study has just been published in the Journal of International Education Research.

During the 2013-2015 term, the Fellows team, representing disciplines across APU’s undergraduate and graduate programs, served as a resource to the Office of the Provost in assessing the quality of all experiential learning at APU, especially as it relates to the employability of our graduates.

The 2015–2017 Service-Learning Faculty Fellows have engaged in pedagogical research and practice geared to enable faculty to create learning communities within the classroom, connect experiential learning to course SLOs, and inspire students to serve the community well while becoming scholars of their own learning process.

View the 2015-16 Faculty Fellows (PDF).