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Mentor Testimonies

Mentoring is an hour I look forward to each week. Not because I have special wisdom to impart, but because spending an hour listening to a young person has a way of giving me purpose. It doesn’t take much to let someone know you’re there for them, offering to pray with them and diving into life together, but it sure does give you much in return.

Kristi Hawkins
Special Assistant to the Dean, College of the Arts

(My mentee) and I have been able to meet every week since we first met. We generally meet for a meal in the school cafeteria and spend anywhere from an hour to hour-and-a-half depending on our topic. (My mentee) has gone through quite a bit already, both physically and emotionally, but has met these issues head on with fortitude and faith. Thanks for the opportunity to work with these fine young people.

Peter Romero
Local Community Volunteer

God has been so good! I really am convinced that God led (my mentee) and me to come together. We are meeting on a weekly basis and having great conversations as God leads and teaches each of us.

Pershing Lum
Senior Project Manager, Information Technology

The impact in my life could be said in one word—privilege. It was a privilege to sit across the table from a young woman who is growing, changing, and vulnerable. She gives me eyes to view today’s Christian women in our culture. I love the strength of my mentee. She wants to be true to herself and her Lord.

Lynda Chapell
Local Community Volunteer

The relationships that result (from mentoring) are priceless. I’ve been very enriched by my interactions with my mentee, and I believe he has been, too.

Joshua Rasmussen, PhD
Assistant Professor of Philosophy, School of Theology

I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the mentoring program. The orientation and training booklet were extremely helpful. Watching someone grow and meeting weekly is a testimony to God and a blessing.

Gabriella Cacanindin
Local Community Volunteer

Student Testimonies

(My mentor) is an amazingly real woman. She loves to serve others and approaches mentoring with an ‘I’m ready for you mentality.’ I feel that my relationship with her is a reminder of what life will be like outside of APU.

Senior Student

I have been so incredibly blessed in my relationship with my mentor. (My mentor) has encouraged me to grow spiritually this year without ever making me feel like an inadequate Christian. Because of (my mentor), I have begun praying and reading my Bible more often. The books we have read have focused me on the more important aspects of life. Meeting with my mentor is one of the best parts of my week. I am just so grateful.

Junior Student

My faith has become real since being in this relationship.

Freshman Student

I have had a wonderful experience. The matching process placed me with someone who was perfect for me. We related on so many levels and their strengths match up with the areas that I was seeking to be challenged and gain wisdom in. I love meeting with (my mentor) and learning from (them). It has been an amazing experience.

Junior Student

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