Student Leadership

D-Group Leaders

D-Group Leaders facilitate discipleship-focused small groups on campus for the purpose of equipping students to live as disciples of Jesus. D-Groups consist of 4-10 students, and they meet weekly throughout the school year. D-Group Leaders are relational, responsive, and grounded in their faith. They are expected to engage members from a wide variety of cultural, ideological, and theological backgrounds while facilitating group discussions on a variety of topics in a mature and compassionate manner. We provide training and consistent support to all our D-Group Leaders so they are able to carry out their role faithfully. We’d love to have you apply for the D-Group Leader position!

Commitment and Expectations

  • Two hours weekly to plan, spiritually prepare, and facilitate your weekly D-Group meeting (at a time of your choosing)
  • Complete and submit a Ministry Action Plan
  • Complete and submit a Discipleship Wellness Check
  • Daily prayer for your D-Group members
  • A once-a-month meeting with your Discipleship Crew rep for ongoing leadership training, spiritual support, personal check-in, and prayer
  • Attendance at three events per semester put on by the Office of Spiritual Life (Fall Overnight Training, Discipleship Leader Chapel, Spring Kickoff, appreciation event, etc.)
  • Other events or opportunities as presented by the Office of Spiritual Life (Discipleship Retreat, service projects, etc.)
  • One-on-one meetings with D-Group members as needed to further encourage and support them

D-Group leader applications are accepted throughout the year.

Apply to be a D-Group Leader

For more information about the process, contact us at or (626) 815-3855.

Discipleship Crew

The Discipleship Crew is a group of student leaders who assist Spiritual Life staff in supporting the D-Groups and Peer Mentoring ministries. Discipleship Crew Leaders assist with training, promotion, programming, ongoing support, and leader recruitment as we make discipleship relationships accessible to our student body. An integral component of this leadership role is receiving spiritual leadership development and shepherding from members of our Spiritual Life staff throughout the course of your time on the team. When speaking about their experiences on Discipleship Crew, many former members have shared that being on this team—supporting D-Group Leaders and Peer Mentors while receiving support from Spiritual Life staff—was the highlight of their entire APU experience. We invite you to consider applying for Discipleship Crew!

Discipleship Crew members focus on the following areas:

  • Planning, attending, and leading two major training sessions a year for all D-Group leaders and Peer Mentors (fall and spring semesters)
  • Providing consistent contact for their selected group of D-Group Leaders
  • Praying for D-Groups and D-Group Leaders on a regular basis
  • Assisting in leader recruitment and formation of D-Groups at the start of each semester
  • Assisting in selection of D-Group Leaders through recommendations and interviews in the spring semester
  • Increasing D-Groups awareness throughout the APU community
  • Planning and putting on various other social and training events throughout the year
  • Mentoring and supporting D-Group Leaders (contact weekly, meet monthly, pray daily)

Commitment and Expectations

  • 3-5 hours a week
  • Discipleship Crew meets every Wednesday from 3:30-5 p.m.
  • Each Discipleship Crew member is expected to have experience leading a D-Group
  • Each Discipleship Crew member is expected to spend 1-2 hours a week connecting with D-Group Leaders
  • Attend any Discipleship Crew events or meetings and support the needs of Spiritual Life
  • Provide office support for occasional projects, follow-up, and interviews
  • Read a spiritual leadership development book throughout the year that’s chosen by our office

Discipleship Crew applications are accepted throughout the year.

Apply to be a Discipleship Crew Member

For more information about the process, contact us at or (626) 815-3855.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are students who have junior or senior class standing with 60 units or more. Peer mentors are matched with a freshman or sophomore, meeting regularly with them for Bible study, meaningful conversation, and/or prayer.

Peer Mentor applications are accepted throughout the year.

Apply to be a Peer Mentor

For more information about the process, contact us at or (626) 815-3855.

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