Edgar Barron

Chair, Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology

Edgar Barron’s passion and inclination toward influence and developing leaders began as a result of the individuals who mentored and guided him from a young age. His greatest moments of discovery came from conversations with those he respected and admired. “One of the things I discovered was the importance of self-reflection,” says Ed, who currently serves as chair and associate professor in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Studies at Azusa Pacific University. “I think my first leadership opportunity came from me trying to lead me.”

Decades later, following years of professional leadership experience and development, that discovery has proved vital. He believes the key to leadership is reflection—an understanding of motive, character, and action to bring fragments together and function properly. “I’m always intrigued by how pieces come together,” he says. “It feels like I’ve grown up with this inclination that has always driven me, and now I have the honor to lead a department where that is front and center.”

“We want leadership to be something that permeates their interactions wherever they are.”

Edgar Barron

Today, Ed makes it the mission of his department to stir a passion for leadership within each of its students by encouraging inquiry, curiosity, and a desire to make improvements wherever they are called.