About the Academy

Campus-Based Consulting

All of our programs are geared to the specific needs of the campus. When working with the Noel Strengths Academy you can be sure that your campus will not receive some “canned” program geared toward a general audience.

Innovative Resources

The Academy provides most creative and up-to-date strengths-oriented resources in the country. Browse through our latest strength-based resources.

Knowledge Base of Academy Personnel and Faculty Fellows

The Academy staff has been the pioneers in the strengths movement in higher education for the past ten years. Six doctoral-level faculty serve as Academy fellows who bring a rich background in strengths-oriented educational environments and leadership development

Relevant for a Wired Generation

Web-based resources are developed in conjunction with groups of students to ensure generation relevance. Technological resources accompany many of the Academy’s programs.

Assessment Based

Academy programs are supported by doctoral level research teams. “How do we know it works?” is a central question that drives the Academy’s work.