Faculty Programs

New Faculty Orientation

Prior to the fall semester, the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment provides a week-long orientation event for all incoming faculty, a mix of seasoned academicians and those brand new to the college classroom. One of the highlights in the week is the strengths-based teaching and learning session led by the faculty of the Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education. In preparation for the faculty training, participants receive a copy of Strengths 2.0 by Tom Rath and take the StrengthsFinder assessment.

On training day, faculty begin the session equipped with a better understanding of their own strengths. Academy presenters show faculty how to teach authentically using their individual strengths and to develop classroom experiences and assignments that enable students to apply their strengths in their learning. Faculty receive personalized learning activities that they can apply to their first class at APU.

Faculty Development

Throughout the year, academic departments and schools contract with the Academy for various kinds of strengths-oriented training. The Academy recently worked with the School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences, the School of Theology, and the Department of Social Work to provide faculty trainings to meet the specific needs of these areas.

Examples of faculty trainings include:

School-sponsored, all-day faculty workshops with sessions offered on 1) strengths-oriented teaching and learning, 2) strengths and spirituality, 3) applying our strengths to departmental teamwork, and 4) a strengths approach to academic scholarship.

Monthly learning communities where schools offer their faculty a chance to meet for lunch and converse about strengths. A beginning group provides faculty an introduction to the StrengthsFinder and initial tools for applying one’s top five talent themes. A more advanced learning community offers a "strengths-plus" approach, affording faculty a small group setting in which to dialogue about a particular area of interest that serves their professional development.

Tailor-made presentations or consultation around the needs of a particular group. Recent examples include:

  • A session where staff took the StrengthsFinder assessment then participated in a short debrief time to process their assessment results.
  • A one-hour briefing during fall and spring to help mentors apply their strengths in supervising field education students.
  • An Academy-led training for an entire graduate program team at their annual staff training day.

For more information or to schedule a training session, contact the Academy.