Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Leadership (MAL)

Since all of the MAL faculty have taken StrengthsFinder and value the concept both personally and professionally, strengths gets frequent airtime. This also means that the faculty have needed to agree upon the classes most appropriate for introducing various strengths related topics. The class “Understanding Vocation in a Changing World” (LDRS 520) is the class most focused on strengths application. Through the StrengthsFinder assessment, in combination with other assessment tools, students write a Vocational Profile and Plan. The two purposes of this assignment are to help students develop increased self-awareness and in the context of their professional careers, to work closer to an ideal “fit.”

College Counseling and Student Development

Since strengths has taken hold on many university campuses, preparing student life professionals to both work from their strengths and capitalize on the strengths of students is foundational. The Quantitative Analysis (CCSD 575) course introduces students to the concept of strengths and then uses data from a strengths-based intervention to identify the ways in which such an intervention influences students’ college experiences.