Training and Development

The Noel Strengths Academy provides campus-based training and development in a variety of areas.  The following is a general list of the training provided.  However, other developmental opportunities may be shaped for different audiences.

Leadership Development

  • Developing Strengths-Oriented Supervisors Curriculum & Resources provides a new perspective on developing the critically important role of a supervisor.
  • Developing Effective Teams through a Strengths Approach Workshop provides an innovative method for improving administrative and executive-level team effectiveness.
  • Creating a Strengths-Oriented Non-Profit Organization Workshop is a two-day experience to fully develop the human capital present in an organization.
  • Advanced Training: Strategic Planning from an Organizational Strengths Perspective is a workshop designed to enable organizations to identify and build on organizational strengths through the process of appreciative inquiry.

Educator Development

  • FYE Faculty Strengths Development Workshop is focused on preparing Individuals leading first-year experience seminars to successfully deliver a strengths curriculum.
  • Developing a Strengths Approach to the Teaching & Learning Process Workshop is designed to provide basic introductory information to faculty exploring the concept of strengths-oriented education.
  • Advanced Faculty Development: Utilizing a Strengths Approach in Teaching, Scholarship, and Service guides faculty in exploring the utilization of a strengths perspective in all aspects of their professional lives.
  • Advanced Faculty Development: Creating a Strengths-Oriented Classroom provides a deeper understanding of how to apply this approach to encourage student engagement.
  • Strengths-Oriented Academic Advising Workshop is designed to introduce academic advisors to the utilization of strengths assessment in the advising process.

Contact the academy for information about how to customize these workshops for your campus.