How Do I Apply My Strengths?

People unintentionally implement their strengths in their lives all the time, without thinking. Those with a talent for “achieving,” for example, amaze others with how they accomplish so much. “Relators” are impressive with their skills at building deep and lasting friendships. Those whose strengths of character include “perspective” are really good at seeing things through others’ points of view. People strong in “zest” inspire others with their tenacity and sense of adventure. Individuals reveal their talents and their character in these areas by simply being who they are.

It is important, nevertheless, to be intentional in the development and implementation of our strengths. But how?

  1. One important activity is to read about strengths in general and to study one’s own strengths in particular. Books and articles focused on various strengths come under various titles and headings and yet usually a person can recognize when their strength is the topic of focus.
  2. Think about how your strengths apply to the activities that you do, or that are expected of you, every day. How do your strengths help your work as a student, a manager, a mom, a writer, a teacher, an employee at the DMV, or a chef? Your strengths can aid you in the work you are called to do.
  3. Work with others on a mutually meaningful task. As you work together, call out, leverage, and affirm one another’s strengths. Ask for help and say “thank you” as people do what they do best. Do this at work, with roommates and friends, and with your family.
  4. Consider how your strengths expose your values, your communication style, and the way you manage your schedule. Recognize that there are times when playing to your strengths will enhance your effectiveness, while at other times it may challenge or offend someone who has strengths that are different from yours.
  5. Contact the Noel Academy. We exist to help leaders, teams, educators, and students go deeper in the knowledge and practice of their strengths. Visit Strengths-Oriented Tools and Academy Services and Resources to learn more about various products and training opportunities.