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One-on-One Strengths Coaching

The Noel Strengths Academy facilitates Strengths Coaching sessions to help faculty and staff deepen their understanding and appreciation of their strengths and the strengths philosophy in higher education. Additionally, Strengths Coaches partner with faculty and staff to identify relevant action steps, enabling individuals to better leverage their talents in academic, personal, and professional settings. Through Strengths Coaching, participants harness intrinsic motivations and abilities to increase performance, build capacity, and exercise effective self-stewardship.

If you are interested in learning how to develop your own strengths and become a stronger, more effective version of yourself, or would like support in addressing something personal or career-related in your life, consider signing up for a Strengths Coaching session. Strengths Coaches have been trained to engage with individuals’ complex needs, and we are committed to helping you bring your best self forward in meeting goals and overcoming challenges.

Strengths Coaching is free of charge to APU faculty and staff.

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Classroom Workshops

Across the full range of academic fields, the strengths philosophy can be a powerful catalyst in personal and professional development. The Noel Strengths Academy team offers strengths resources and classroom workshops that can be tailored to your group’s specific needs.

Possible Topics

  • A general overview of the strengths philosophy and how individuals can develop their natural talents
  • Applying one’s unique talents and strengths in one’s field of study
  • Building strengths-based teams for maximum impact
  • How talents inform and influence one’s life goals
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Department and Team Workshops

Research has shown that teams and work groups that intentionally utilize a strengths philosophy experience greater engagement from members and greater impact as a team. Knowing and appreciating team member’s talents and strengths builds positive regard for one another and provides insights for harnessing team skills, expertise, and gifts.

The Noel Strengths Academy team is eager to assist you and your team in bringing out their best, so please contact us to discuss a range of resources and training opportunities.

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Professional Development Opportunities

The Noel Strengths Academy is committed to helping APU grow as a thriving, strengths-based campus and offers several free and paid professional development events for staff and faculty throughout the year. Watch your email inbox for announcements and regularly check our calendar events listed on this site for details.

We regularly host free Strengths Luncheons with guest speakers and provide an intensive Strengths Certification workshop each semester. Please check our calendar to see upcoming professional development opportunities.

RSVP is required for events.

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