Serve After Graduation

H.I.S. Years (Hearing. Investing. Serving.) is a sending program that annually coordinates students who are ready and willing to serve overseas with Christ-based community development/mission organizations that work with unreached/least reached people groups for two years after graduation.

H.I.S. Years’ goal is three-fold:

  • To facilitate the Gospel message to people who have not heard.
  • To enable and facilitate APU students to participate in ministry earlier in their life, increasing the likelihood of continuing service for many years.
  • To work in partnership with organizations that need resources and people to be more effective in their ministry.

Core Values

  • Least Reached – The program focuses on the least reached/unreached parts of the world. Least reached is defined as people groups that have limited access to the Gospel message and who are also living in physical poverty. They are often considered the least important in society.
  • Intentionally Christ-Centered – To intentionally send graduates to spread the gospel message to people groups who have not heard.
  • Incarnational – To look for ministries who desire to live contextually within the culture they serve and yet remain agents of Christ-based life transformation.
  • Strategic - A directed and specific purpose and vision for the program that includes strategy on with which people groups, regions, and organizations to serve with.
  • Partnership – To work with selected organizations and graduates to facilitate healthy, interdependent, and on-going relationships between all who are involved. Major focus will be on assisting in the vision of the national ministry team.
  • Long-Term – To focus on developing long-term disciples for the kingdom.
  • Missional – The purpose is to spread the Gospel message and meet physical/educational needs. The focus is on whole person development.

How H.I.S. Years Works

The application process begins each fall semester and includes completing an application, submitting references, and participating in several interviews. After a thorough screening process, a select number of applicants will form that year’s H.I.S. Years cohort. Upon entering the program, H.I.S. Years staff help volunteers select an approved organization, apply to work with that organization, and provide support and encouragement throughout the preparation process.

What Azusa Pacific will Provide

In addition to personal support and development, Azusa Pacific University provides finances for H.I.S. Years volunteers by making financial contributions toward their student loans while serving overseas.

If a volunteer does not have student loans or is able to defer their loans, APU will still provide finances over the two-year period.

Benefits of Financial and Loan Assistance

  • This significantly aids volunteers as they try to obtain full financial support to go to the mission field.
  • This removes some additional obstacles that volunteers face when considering their time of service.

Criteria for Applicants

Applicants should:

  • Be entering your senior year of college or be a recent alumnus of APU
  • Have a strong call to serve in international missions among the least reached/unreached.
  • Have had significant international experience through missions, study abroad, and other experiences.
  • Have actively participated in fellowship with other believers and self-initiated participation in global learning opportunities throughout their time at APU.
  • Demonstrate leadership and initiative academically, personally, and professionally.


Fall of Senior Year (September–December)

  • Applications are accepted, and selection is made by the beginning of December.

Spring of Senior Year (January–May)

  • Students begin weekly training, coaching, and mentorship.
  • Students begin goal setting and working with the organizations.
  • Preparation and intensity increases as students are accepted on a team and start their fundraising.
  • Students attend a one-week intensive training in May.

Summer After Graduation

  • Graduates continue to raise prayer and financial support in preparation to depart for their service overseas in the following fall.

For more information, please contact the H.I.S. Years team at

Service Requirements

23 countries were served by APU teams this year alone