C. Michael Robbins, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biblical and Religious Studies and High Sierra Semester
Phone: (909) 744-4960
Alternate: (909) 338-9698
Photo of C. Michael Robbins, Ph.D.


Mike Robbins, Ph.D., has been an adjunct professor in the School of Theology since 1993 and a visiting professor at the High Sierra campus. He has authored The Testing of Jesus in Q (Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., 2007), and coauthored New Testament Greek: A Beginning and Intermediate Grammar (Hendrickson Publishers Marketing, LLC, 2009) and An Introduction to the New Testament (Cascade Books, 2011). His interests are in New Testament literature, early Christianity, Greco-Roman studies, Greek philology and papyrology, comparative religions, Native American religions, and eschatology in the Ancient Mediterranean. His specialty in New Testament is early Christian Gospels and historical Jesus studies. He and his wife, Annette, live in Ashland City, Tennessee. His favorite things in life are coffee, the mountains, reading, being a dad, and serving his students.

Academic Area

  • School of Theology
    • Department of Biblical and Religious Studies

Courses Taught

  • ALNG 456 – Ancient Languages
  • GRKC 200 – Elementary Classical Greek I
  • GRKC 201 – Elementary Classical Greek II
  • HUM 325 – Humanities Seminar V: Christian Classics
  • PHIL 370 – Comparative Religions
  • THEO 352 – Church History: Apostolic Era to the Eve of the Reformation
  • UBBL 230H – Luke/Acts (Honors)
  • UBBL 330 – Life and Teachings of Jesus
  • UBBL 340 – Romans and Galatians
  • UBBL 472 – Biblical Apocalyptic