Coram Deo - Calendar of Events 2014-2015

Posted: June 2, 2014

Coram Deo – A student led association of friends of Theology

The Latin phrase, coram deo, means “before God,”  “in the presence of God,” or “face to face with God.”  Through this organization, students serve as facilitators of theological dialogue for the university community, choosing relevant themes for interdisciplinary discussion which bring our theology into direct engagement with the challenges of faith in a modern world.  Each year the student facilitators choose a broad theme for discussion by an interdisciplinary panel of faculty from the APU community.  This experience enhances theological reflection, develops leadership skills among the student facilitators, and broadens their understanding of the parameters of theology to move it beyond intellectual deliberation to serve the church and the world.

"Questions of Christian Identity for Practicing Christians"

As Christians, we understand our faith to be based on the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and informed by Christian scripture, the traditions of the fathers and mothers of the faith, a reasoned understanding of our faith’s application to a modern world, and the experiences of the church community as a people seeking to follow Christ’s example. But how do we resolve questions of identity in a diverse modern world? How do we balance the authority of scripture with the realities of human brokenness and difference? How do we evaluate the Christian call to holiness in the context of modern ethical questions which seem to challenge traditional interpretations of scripture? How do we define and understand sin in a modern context and how should we respond to it? Should issues of diversity or race be ignored or considered by the modern church and if so, what ethical responsibilities does such a reality impose on us as Christ-followers?

Tuesday Oct 7, 2014 Christian Identity and the Doctrine of Sin-

Tuesday Nov 11, 2014 Christian Identity and Questions of Gender & Sexuality

Tuesday Jan 27, 2015 Christian Identity and Questions of Race

Tuesday Mar 3, 2015 Christian Identity and Questions of Money & Service 

 Tuesday Apr 7, 2015 Christian Identity and Psychological Disorders

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