About the Program

Why This Major Is Relevant

Increasingly challenging and interrelated world economies call for professionals capable of sophisticated thought and problem solving. The ability to identify an ethical course of action in a complex social, political, and economic environment is a challenge for governmental, business, and religious organizations. APU’s philosophy degree uniquely equips graduates to meet this challenge in their chosen field.

Program Mission and Goals

The Department of Theology and Philosophy’s philosophy program exists to help undergraduate students become complete people who reason and think reflectively about responses to the world, liberated from inadequate concepts and actions. The program also equips its majors to become effective and faithful philosophers, well prepared for further philosophical education as well as for a range of professional careers, by exposing them to the history and methods of philosophy, inspiring them to see philosophy as a tool for the discipleship of the mind, motivating them to explore philosophy further, and training them in advanced philosophical topics and analytical, reflective, and expressive skills.

  1. The philosophy program will continue to make “discipleship of the mind” a distinctive focus of attention by bringing philosophy majors into fruitful firsthand engagement with contemporary philosophical work as it is carried out in the academy. This may develop through projects of their own or through collaborative efforts with faculty. Graduates should demonstrate a practice of continual intellectual growth through personal scholarship and development.
  2. The philosophy program aims to prepare majors to continue on to graduate school. Graduates should be able to demonstrate an example of leadership in their selected areas of service.
  3. The philosophy program will further students’ philosophical contribution to the Church and society. Graduates should be able to apply critical thinking to the analysis and solutions of societal problems in a manner consistent with a Christian worldview.
  4. The philosophy program will equip students to demonstrate increased ability to understand, construct, and reflect critically on philosophical arguments, calling upon the best of the philosophical tradition and their own analytical and expressive skills towards application of such reflection to current social or moral issues.
  5. The philosophy program will equip students to demonstrate increased confidence in the compatibility of sincere Christian faith and robust philosophical reflection, growing into a greater awareness of the intellectual depth, strength, and coherence that is possible for construction of a comprehensive Christian worldview.
Note: This information is current for the 2017-18 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.