Claire Talley

Admissions Counselor
Graduated from APU: 2016
Degree(s): B.A. in Communication Studies, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication emphasis
Hometown: Folsom, CA


(626) 815-2014

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Q & A with Claire

How has APU transformed you?
APU has changed me irrevocably in so many ways, but if I were to say one thing, I would tell you that the people at APU are everything. I have learned a little more about what grace is and why we need it; people have convinced me with their words and actions that living an honest life is a much more noble pursuit than trying to be the perfect Christian. At the same time, professors, chapel speakers, mentors, and friends have shown me that Jesus is so much more loving, adventurous, and forgiving than I could have ever imagined.
Which activities at APU have you most enjoyed being a part of?
I’d say I wasn’t satisfied with just tasting APU; I definitely took huge bites out of life here and just tried to take it all in. I loved being on the Living Area Committee my freshman year in Engstrom Hall, then coleading a construction team to Mexico that fall and going back with Mexico Outreach another time as a photojournalist. I loved being a resident advisor for my last two years and also hula dancing with our Pacific Islander Organization. I was a fierce intramurals athlete and loved just being part of the APU family in every way I could!
What advice would you give to prospective students?
Slow down. Take a breath. Look up. I know it’s exciting to look ahead at what is in your future, but this is such a special time in life that you’re in right now, too! Cherish everything—the happiness and the heartache—and lean into becoming who you are.
How do you spend your free time?
The best kinds of days for me involve friends, writing and reading poetry, good food (breakfast burritos are good at any time of day), line dancing (I’m a country girl at heart), sports, sunshine, the ocean, and maybe even a good book! I swear I was born with saltwater in my veins and flowers in my hair—I love the ocean and the mountains equally and am always down to explore.

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