Kayla Montgomery

Assistant Director, Freshman Recruitment
Graduated from APU: 2014
Degree(s): B.A. in Political Science, minor in Sociology
Hometown: Livermore, CA


(800) 825-5278

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Q & A with Kayla...

How has APU transformed you?
Since coming to APU, I have a deeper appreciation and zeal for life. Every aspect of the APU community has contributed to my understanding of who I am and the way that I have not been created by accident, but rather, by design. In the classroom, I have been challenged to pursue God-honoring excellence. In my spiritual journey, I now have the confidence to take on the most difficult curveballs. The friends I have walked away from APU with will be the aunts and uncles to my children. So, to sum it up, when I walked across that graduation stage, I became confident that I have transformed into the best version of myself thus far, ready to begin writing the next chapter of this gift of life.
Which activities at APU have you most enjoyed being a part of?
My favorite part of my experience at APU was being part of the Multi-Ethnic Leadership Scholars program. During my time at APU, the Student Center for Reconciliation and Diversity became my home away from home; the opportunities I had to be a part of different leadership areas on campus refined my abilities and passion for leadership. My fellow scholars challenged me to pursue my passions without apology, while learning to glean from the counsel and wisdom of those who have gone before me.
What advice would you give to prospective students?
One of the greatest pieces of advice I was given in my college search was to find a place that you want to be on your best days, but more importantly, where you want to be on your worst days. College plays such an important role in how we develop as young adults, and although the best days of our lives are vitally important, it is our worst days and how we respond that truly define our character. So pick a place that will provide an atmosphere and community that you feel you will be supported during the lowest times. You will be a better person for it.
How do you spend your free time?
I live for an incredible, hole-in-the-wall, food straight from heaven dining experience, a rainy day spent reading a book by the fire, and a coffee date with a good friend that lasts more hours than you have available on your calendar.

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